$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Add to that the 04 Cobra 17/24 with 390hp, about the same as the 300hp turbo 4cyl Sti.

    People doesn't relize that 8cyl delivers good mpg for the hp provided, for example, Mustang GT delivers 18/26mpg, The M3 with a 6 cyl delivers 16/23mpg (worst than the 04 Cobra and less hp than the Cobra), Lexus IS300 6cyl 18/25mpg, Acura 3.5 RL 6cyl 18/24mpg, Audi A6 Quattro 3.0l 6cyl 18/25mpg, Nissan Altima 3.5l 6 cyl 21/26mpg, ...

    The only way to get good mpg is to get a compact car with 4 cyl and never mod it, because as hp goes up the mpg goes down, or we can just change the gears in the Mustang to something like 2.74 or 2.55 and you can be sure the mpg will go above 25mpg.
  2. Non modified SVO working properly - 19/30+ 205HP
    Modified SVO working properly with the stock computer - 17/30+ 270HP (If you are not in the boost every second) Your milage is only going to change in WOT and city driving.

    Tack a 6 speed tranny on that car and you are looking at 17/35 with 300HP with the old lima... I have no idea how the I5 or 2.3/2.5 Duratech would react to turbo charging or what the resulting gas mileage would be because it has not been done yet. Have to wait for the Turbo Focus... but I can't see it being to far away from those numbers... And remember, the 3.8 V6 Mustangs are only 3040 lbs... You put the 4 in that and you have Fox body weight. 2900lbs give or take a few.

    If you are not in boost all the time, e.g. highway and stop-go traffic, turbo 4's aren't too bad. Depending on the V6 engine used, they can suck down as much fuel NA as an 8 - look at the 3.8 vs. 4.6 or the Buick 3.8 NA vs. SC 3.8. So in a turbo or SC config, I'd only expect a 1mpg improvement for most turbo V6's over an = powerful V8.

    On edit - my mileage is way off.

    Here are the specs for the volvo 2.5T

    HP 247 @ 5,200 rpm TQ 243 @ 2,400 - 5,200 rpm
    Top speed 130 mph
    Fuel Economy City (MPG) Automatic/Manual Transmission: 20/21
    Fuel Economy HWY (MPG) Automatic/Manual Transmission 28 / 27

    That's from a car that weighs 3446 lbs

  3. Just for reference, my mothers 00 T/A got 29 mpg on a trip to florida and thats with the 4l60e. They do require you run 93 octane gas though.
  4. $2.08 Las Vegas, and it's total ****'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'
  5. 93 Octane costs around 20 cents more a gallon than 87 where I am.

    My 00 GT gets around 26.5 MPG on long trips on 87 octane. That means it converts to the same cost per mile as 29.5 MPG on 93 octane. That is my GT gasoline costs are slightly less per mile.
  6. i keep telling you guys... HYBRID!!

    how bout popping an electric motor into the v6. Keep up with the v8, but get mileage on par with a 4 banger. It's like a supercharger that saves fuel! With regenerative braking alone, city mileage is even better than highway, since the stop and go factor is canceled out, and you're just left with more efficient, low average speeds. I guess it wouldn't help out that much when you're just cruising in top gear, but an electric motor gives a lot of boost coming off the stop. You don't have to associate it with environmentally friendly hippies, just think of it as a giant, torquey power drill motor.
  7. It is INEVITABLE!!!! Gasoline prices will reach $3 and $4 a gallon. When this happens, our economy will go into a further decline and there will be MORE POVERTY among working class Americans. The stupid idiots who own the gas guzzling SUV's will soon find out that they will need $80 to $100 each time to fill up their gas tanks. The SUV owners will be the first to get screwed. SUV sales will PLUMMETT. I think that the small engined Hondas, KIA's and Hyundais will rule. There is no way that cars with gas guzzling V6's and V8's will sell if gas prices go to $3 and $4 a gallon. It will be like Europe here. Only cars with 2 Liter and smaller engines will sell well. Welcome back to the energy crisis of the 1970's. It's going to be WORSE than the 70's. I just hope that America can survive this ordeal. We have been screwed enough by those *uckin Arabs. It's time that we took over their oil and got paid back for what they people did to us and to our country. I am very angry at what they are doing to my country here.We shouldn't tolerate them anymore. Something should be done before they wipe out our economy here. We all need to take back our country. Get rid of Middle Eastern and Arab dependence on oil. Screw the Arabs! We must rejuvinate our economy and never allow foreign powers to dictate what they will charge us for oil.
  8. 05 will run on 87 octane and not premium, so it shouldn't be as bad as most other performance cars.
  9. Ron it's not just the oil dependance that is hurting our country and it certainly is not all attributable to the middle east. You might want to look at the people running the country. The economy is in the tank. And nothing that anyone is doing so far is helping that. I'm not sure if any politician has the correct answer. But blaming it on arabs is being blind to the problems of our leaders.
  10. I think that will be a good selling point, you save 20ยข a gallon over other performance cars. I actually think that was a good move by Ford, they could have upped the compression and got another 20HP on 91, but this will be a better performance engine for the budget minded consumer. Then they will have the 5.4L for those less concerned with gas costs.
  11. I think we are getting :owned: by our own government. One of my friends was telling me that if you find out all the taxes that are put on gas by our government and subtract it out, the gas prices come out to about $00.90 :rlaugh: :owned: by our own country. I also herd about a gas shortage, but some part of the government is putting an investigation into it because they believe its :bs: to jack up oil prices. Think of it this way, anything above a N/A 4cyl as a daily driver will only be for the rich!
  12. Of course we're getting owned by our own government. That's the problem with our gorvernment. We overspend and people that come up with ways to save money. Don't get as much money the next year. This is dumb. We need "Radical" thinking to improve our country. Not cut taxes and go farther in debt. Do you realize that not only are we going to pay higher gas prices. But the money to fund the investigation will be taken out of our tax money. And they'll likely study it to death. Without finding much.
  13. The LS1 Corvette CAN get 30mpg on the freeway. How? It has a 6 speed transmission with an insane overdrive gear. You can do 90mph on the freeway at slightly over 1500rpm. This doesn't make the LS1 any better than a Mustang engine, it just means you need the proper gearing to achieve such low RPMs.
  14. Well actually we're not doing too bad when it comes to fuel cost. The U.S. has the cheapest I think. Europe and Asia pay around $3 a litre with is less than a gallon. The U.S. buys the most volume of oil in the world and gets first dibs on the best prices. It when the middle eastern countries shut us off that prices go higher a little. But most of our fuel comes from Russia and a good amount comes from South America.
  15. I read a report about a year ago. Basicaly saying that if every car got 2-3 mpg better than what they do. We could get away from middle east oil needs. And all the costs of having to defend those countries.
  16. My rice mobile pathfinder gets 14-15 in the city, it does as good as or worse than my mustang did. It requires premium however. Damn I wish I still had my stang.
  17. The US has the lowest gas prices outside of the middle east countries themselves. Let's not turn this into a political fight, because that's not only stupid and pointless, but it doesn't belong here.
  18. I disagree tax cuts are always good (if not overdone) in the long run. But with respect to the oil issue i believe that what is needed right now is more production in the US to increase supply and drop the price. That will keep inflation down and keep the recovery of the economy on track. The only think keeping us from doing the previous is environmental greenies...heaven forbid we might kill a few mesquitos in the process :rolleyes:

  19. Just think, if every one made sure their tires were filled, had a clean air and fuel filter, and changed there spark plugs. The avg car on the road would probably get 2 mpg better.
  20. I say we all run out and buy civics! Who's with me? :bs:
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