$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. i think most of our oil comes from Russia and South America.

  2. This is trully a sad thing to read. You're generalizations are immensly insulting. My heart goes out to any muslim who happened to read this. I live in a very diverse city with a huge muslim population, and they are just as decent as people of any other religion or nationality. To take a handful of people who committed a horrible crime against humanity and decide that every one who's blood comes from the same part of the world as them is "anti-american" and "untrustworthy" is dispicable. What do you say about the boys in white hoods down south that kill in the name of christianity and america? Do they properly represent your religion or country? You need to learn a bit more about the outside world before you make these offending statements.
    Normally I tell people they can believe what they want to believe, but when someone's beliefs harm other decent people, that's crossing a line, whether you're a car-obsessed american insulting an entire nation of people, or some psycho crashing a plane into a building.
  3. Ron didn't say anything about Muslims. Your generalizing just as bad. Not all Arabs are Muslims, and Not all Muslims are Arabs.
  4. You are correct, not all gasoline comes from middle east oil.
  5. Iraq and any other part of the world is not creating any ecenomic problems for the U.S. The U.S. is creating its own problems. We are importing oil from the arab world, they do not have to sell us anything at all but they CHOOSE to. To say that Iraq is the cause of americas problems is just like George W wants you to believe. I have the immense luck and honor of not being an american citizen, I am Canadian. Here in Canada we export way too much lumber across the border for way too cheap a price, but it is your fault that we export too much? No, Its our fault for letting it get like this and stay like this. What I am trying to get at is your country cannot keep pushing the blame of everything that happens to your people to other people, this is just ignorant and rude. Why dont you try buying an electric car? Then you wouldnt have to worry about the price of gas ever, this would also make it so that you would have nothing to hate the arab world about...finally. I have nothing against the american population but I definatly do hate the consumeristic ones that buy buy buy then when they run out of money they hate. They hate the Arabs for THEIR oil, the Japanese for THEIR technology, the Canadians for THEIR oil, peace, contentment, and honor just to name a few that the american population doesnt seem to have nearly as much as their happy counterparts, whats next the egyptians for THEIR damned pyramids becuase they stand taller then your pyramids? This is just my 0.02 cents but If ignorance is bliss then AMERICA IS IGNORANT.
  6. lol, well its a common connection which is yes a generalization, like refering to americans as christians. But at least i wasn't insulting either arabs or muslims.

    to get more on topic. whether gas prices go up or not, it is a limited resource, and some time within the next century or so, we are gonna run out of the stuff. So whether you care about pollution or not, we are gonna have to adopt new technology eventually, and the mustang's gonna have to roll with it or die. If prices go up, maybe people will drive less and hopefully we can push back the day when those oil wells go dry.
    About paying taxes that go to public transit. Any road users benefit from widespread use of public transit. Buses, trains and subways take a lot of cars off the road. In my city, buses are regularly filled up to their 70 or 80 person capacity. If all those people on bus routes that have buses coming every 10 minutes got into cars, traffic would practically stop and there'd be absolutely no room to park downtown. The more we fund public transit, the better the services, more reliable, more convenient routes. More people will be encouraged to take public transit, and those who really love driving will actually be able to get to work in a reasonable amount of time. You could have a lot more fun with your stang if you didn't have to deal with traffic jams all the time.
    I really liked that comment about bottled water being more expensive than gasoline. That's pretty absurd when you think about it.
  7. Hey Mustang Sallad,

    And not all Muslims are terrorists, but ALL Terrorists are Muslims. The September 11th attacks on America and Al Quaida proves this. So don't be so sensitive with this issue. Being sensitive is one of the reasons why September 11th happened in America. If you are politically correct and sensitive about this issue, you have a problem. Political correctness and the sensitivity of stupid people are the reasons why the September 11th attacks happened. But some people in here don't understand and don't acknowledge this.
  8. what about the guy who blew up that building in oaklahoma, what about the kid's that walked through the halls of their highschool with machine guns, what about the DC snipers, what about the chechen rebels who took over that theater in moscow? Bad people can come from anywhere in the world.

    Anyways, i don't think you and me are the types of guys who can agree on anything like this, so why even try, sorry i started something here.
    I don't think i fit in with the usual mustang crowd anyways. hybrid mustang, what is that anyways?
  9. The main reason people don't use public transportation is a) for the most part it sucks and b) gas is so cheap. In Europe where gas is more expensive and the public transportation is much better, public transportation is used a lot more. Over there they also have a lot of road tolls--ie people who use specific roads have to pay for thier upkeep. As a car driver you should be happy to help pay for public transportation because it means less people on the roads--less traffic. Keep in mind that people who don't have cars still pay for road upkeep with their taxes. Yes, Monorail won't be coming to your neighborhood--yet. But it's just a matter of time. Take a look at how BART works in the SF Bay area. Yes, it's expensive, but it works. Also, when it does come to your neighborhood, you'll see your property values rise quite a bit (good if you own your home).

    The food thing is a bit more complicated. I know it's nice to be able to eat oranges in the winter if you live in a place that doesn't even grow them. My point is more about all the useless [email protected] that is trucked around the place cause it's still cheap to do so--ie water from France. And I think you SHOULD consider spending a bit more to buy from your neighbor. I think it's pretty short sighted to buy cheap Chinese products at Wallmart. If we keep doing that there isn't going to be much of an economy left in this country.

    My lousy $.01.
  10. you'll have to forgive me if this was already mentioned (i only read the first page of this thread) but has anyone looked into this car?


    its a glorified go-kart made for two. it does 0-60 in 4 sec, has a top speed of 130+, does the 1/4 mile in 12 [email protected] and its all electric!

    seems like the perfect answer to the daily commute grind. then we can play with our stangs on the weekend! slap a segway on the back and your a mean "GREEN" commuting machine.

    true they're $86,000 each right now... but wait until they get big name funding and mass production. then we're looking at $8,600! and no dependancy on OIL!
  11. People who don't own cars can buy them. And then drive on the roads. The monorail and lightrail (Both are coming to Seattle). Are both running north-south. And have no plans to come over to the eastside of the lake. Plans for the lightrail keep getting scaled back due to financing problems and nimby's. I used to live in the bay area. And while granted it was many moons ago. My parents had to drive from vallejo to concorde to use the BART system. And was again nowhere near where my father worked.

    By the way Ron that was funny. Morals being preached by a guy in the **** industry. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. Mustang Sallad, I'm with you on all the discriminating comments; and I imagine Ron Jeremy does not portray the feelings of most Mustang owners toward the issue. I'm assuming he's older and was just brought up in a very sheltered environment.

    Ron, you have probably locked onto your beliefs, and they'll never change. But I think you need to strictly discuss Mustangs on these forums. Seriously. It's ok to be All-American and love your Mustangs, guns, etc...but cut the politics and comments about X people.

    I also found it quite ironic that you you're so pro-America and anti-foreign anything, yet you own a Hyundai Sante Fe? :confused:
  13. Actually you know you should really go read the Koran before you suggest that their religion is just like any other. Now im not talking about the americanized version of it which is just like any modernistic religion (that just goes along with generally accepted principals) but the true koran. I haven't read the whole thing but what I have seen looks like it teaches abuse to women and hatred calling for action against blasphemous religions (in other words if you dont believe in what the koran says your absouletly wrong which is fine...but also to do something about it).

    BTW, im in no way against anyone of another country or religion. I'm a freedomist. But i do believe that things should be offered the way they really are and not manipulated to be politically correct. Noone would ever say in their political life that the teachings in the middle east are very cruel...but they really are. There is a movement to change this which is good but again the original text supporting the religion is very offensive to me.

  14. I had a 98 Formula Firebird LS1 with a 6 speed. I drove from Michigan Down to Florida and I averaged over 30 mpg on the Highway, and that was with the NHRA package which includes a 3.42 gear.
  15. yesterday i paid 2.35 a gallon for 87 unleaded. :notnice:

    the biggest problem i have with this is that there is such a huge disparity between the prices around the country. the california government has screwed us over so much with their inept management of the energy needs that you just get used to it. now some brilliant congresswoman is proposing ANOTHER increase of like 6-10 cents per gallon of gas. talk about retards.

  16. Cali gets screwed hard. you guys are about 50ยข more than most of the country. I'm pissed 87 is $1.80 where I live
  17. You are correct that Americans have no one to blame except themselves for "high" oil prices. Reducing oil consumption is something that most Americans just will not do. Millions of barrels of oil could be saved if people with oil heat would have their furnaces or boilers tuned up every year or two. But that's too much efffort for most Americans. Most simply let anything they own run until it dies.

    SUV's are another problem. What most families need is a station wagon. But wagons aren't hip so they buy over priced trucks with station wagon bodies on them that get horrible gas mileage and raise oil prices for all of us due to their excessive consumption.

    The Saudis and other members of OPEC (not all OPEC members are Arab) are just being smart business people. The US gets a large amount of crude oil and refined products like gasoline from Venezuala, which I belive is an OPEC member. They know that if they raise prices too much it will negatively effect the US (& world's economy). So they walk a tightrope in keeping prices as high as possible without having too negative an effect on the world's economy. Given the same opportunity there is not a person here in the US who would not do the exact same thing that OPEC is doing.

    Finally, if you haven't noticed it, the US dollar has declined in value by a HUGE amount. A year or so ago it was 85 US $ to the EURO, It's now 123 US $$ to a EURO. Since oil is predomently priced in US $$ now one wants to be paid less. Given that the Bush adminstration wants the dollar to sink (even though they give us BS about a stong $) and the US's huge trade deficet has to ultimately lead to a weaker $. So get used to paying higher priced for your gasoline as well as anything else made with or from oil.

    PS, PAPA, your statement that AMERICAN IS IGNORANT is rather offensive to me. Many Americans are ignorant, but a lot of us are not.
  18. Geez this country is turning into a bunch of commies :notnice:

    Laws of supply and demand control prices right? Whats wrong with increasing the supply? There is no true substitute for the gas engine right now thats feasible. Therefore the most affective way to handle this is to increase supply...BUT we can't do that because were not allowed to drill more.

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