$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Ron Jeremy, you make Americans look bad. I strongly urge you to either cease posting irrelevant flamebait, or stop coming to this board. You're not contributing anything positive, so please stop wasting bandwidth.
  2. Awalbert88,

    I was just being honest about things in here that we Americans have to deal with. That's all. There were no intentions from my behalf to upset some of the sensitive left wing liberals in here. Take everything with a grain of salt. Don't be so sensitive. Sensitivity is a sign of insecurity. I was just telling things the way that they are. You can accept it or you can disagree with me. But don't tell me that I am making Americans look bad. It's the left wing liberal socialists that live in this country that are the ones who are making America and Americans look bad. I thought that I would correct you on that. Have a nice day.
  3. :lol: :rlaugh: You think America is bad, Canada is at least 50 years behind. There isn't even Free speech in Canada, anything you read or see on TV in Canada has been censored by your government. WAKE UP MY CANADIAN MUSTANG BROTHER
  4. Don't care what gas costs, I will drive what I want, period.
  5. If gas prices go up, I don't know why Mustangs would be expected to suffer any more than anyone else. SUV's, on the other hand...

  6. i think he meant you make america look bad to people outside of america. its pretty hard to ignore the fact that a lot of the world is pissed off with what some guy's been up to in the office. maybe left wingers make america look bad to right wing americans like yourself....

    and about the gas thing, maybe you should think about how the vast majority of people in the world will never even own a car. Be thankful that your greatest worries are feeding you're pretty cars, and not your children.
  7. I feel the same way, compared to SUVs and trucks, V8 cars get great milage. Over 50% of new automobiles sold in the US are trucks/suvs, so if prices go up over $2.50 nation wide they will be the ones complaining most (which helps). Muscle cars arn't the biggest gas pigs on the road this time.
  8. Wake up Z28z, we are rapidly loosing what free speach we had in the US.
  9. You are way off base krikyg. I believe in free markets. But Americans continue to consume more and more oil. I don't have the stats handy, but IIRC the US has 5% of the worlds population but consumes something like 50% of the world's energy.

    Demand goes up, which means prices will rise. The Chinese with a population over 4 times the US are finally getting motor vehicles in large #'s. Their increased consumption is another factor in increase in demand for oil. The supply of oil is finite. Last time I checked OPEC is not a charity. They are in business to make money. They have no obligation to supply the US (or anyone else) with cheap oil. They are being very smart and looking towards the future.

    Where exactly are we going to drill for more supply here in the US? All the easy oil in the US had been harvested. New oil will become more and more expensive because it is harder to find and harvest. Would you like Teaxco to drill a oil well in your back yard?

    Also, don't call me a left wing commie. I'm just someone who is trying to give you a dose of reality. A comodity which frequently appears to be in short supply around StangNet
  10. Well said. For a commie, anyway... :D
  11. I'd let them drill an oil well in my backyard. But that's because they'd be paying me
  12. Better check your deed. In many states you don't own any minearal rights.
  13. This Janet Jackson / Howar Stern crap is total BS. Essentially our elected officials are powerless to really do anything to improve our lives, lest they offend some special interest group who made large contributions during the last election.

    So they waste their time with meaningless junk to try to show the average voter that they are doing something. The sad part is that too many people fall for these sort of ruses. It wasn't all that long ago that I remember congressional hearings about dirty and offensive lyrics in music. What a complete waste of time and my tax dollars.

    Doesn't this country have more pressing problems than gong beserk over JJ's floppy old boob, the lyrics on JZ's last CD or whether Howard had a naked stripper on his show?

    Last time I checked the US constitution, I had the right to free speech whether you or any elected official agrees or disagrees with what I said.
  14. You all have some very good points here. Your answers are very well thought out. It's good to see that we are all using our minds and thinking about all these things.
  15. Yes we do have more pressing problems. BUt the problem is that it's an election year. And the people seeking reelection know they cannot fix the big problems in that short amount of time (If ever). So they are going to try and fix the small easy problems to get a few more voters to think they might one day actually get big problems solved. Meanwhile our problems will continue and they won't make any real progress. For fear that if they do anything they will offend companies who give big money to their campaigns.
  16. I'm going to miss listening to Howard on my way to college. The government is quick to get rid of him yet they can wait years on helping the public. In the 19 short years that i've been around, it seems life is changing rapidly. The saying "The rich keep on getting richer" and "The poor keep on getting poorer" is starting to make sense. It seems as if pretty soon only the rich man will be able to buy gas, the middle class will be stuck, and the poor will keep getting their benifits from the middle class which keeps getting screwed time and time again. When are we ever gonna get a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'ing break? At this point I sometimes wonder if college will even land me a Job with a decent pay in the next 10 years. Will the cost of living be so much people won't even be able to raise families? School is rediculious, so people pay off there loans until they are 30. Why the 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' does everyting cost so much? Will there ever be and end to price increases? It seems like everything is starting to cost more and wages stay the same.
  17. The rich get richer because they think differently than the rest of us. You really should read "rich dad poor dad". It really is quite enlightening. The benefits are paid with from taxes. And all though you may think the rich are not paying there fair share of taxes. You might want to read some more. Yes prices for a lot of things are expensive. But you have to realize that we are in a vicious cycle of employees wanting raises. To buy more. But to pay the employees more. Companies have to charge more for products and services. And very few people are willing to have a small house and an old beater car. Just so they can afford to have a job that only pays $5.00 an hour (Yes this is a deliberate exageration. But you should get my point). College won't guarantee anyone a high paying job. But it is a way to help you get a better paying job.
  18. :bs:

    I have lived and worked in both countries for a lot of years. Believe me, Speech in Canada is just as free as it is in the U.S.
  19. I just read through the entire thread. :nonono:

    Ron, I don't know if you post stuff like this because you know it's ridiculous and you just want to get a reaction out of people or if you really take it seriously. If it's the latter, you really need help my friend.

    As far as your ideas on the "arabs":

    The notion that all terrorists are muslims is laughable. You need a history lesson in a bad way.

    As for being "fed up" with the arabs and going over and "taking their oil", let me ask you something: If we are addicted to crude, who's problem is that, theirs or ours? And how exactly would we take it? troops? Invasion? If you are advocating sending over our troops and the inevitable death toll that would result, all for the privilege of being able to save a few pennies at the pump and continue driving ridiculous gas guzzling vehicles, then you also need a serious ass kicking pal.

    If being able to afford to drive a mustang means someone has to strap on a gun and kill people in a far away land, I'll gladly trade mine in on a new Prius tomorrow.
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