$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. This is even more off topic than this thread has already gotten, but it brings to light the level of corruption this country is facing. Now with the slow crumbeling of our economy from jobs being sourced over seas, companies are going to get even more underhanded and greedy as people they both employed (past tenths) and counted on to buy products and services can no longer afford them. I see a domino of state by state economical crash. Income levels are dropping but inflation keeps on rising, so if the definition of a third world country is that you have rich and poor, I guess the U.S. is on the fast track in that direction.

    I am Canadian and live in NY.

    Canada is, for the most part, still governed by the people. At least we have the foresight not to let political groups mess with the Constitution. It can only be changed according to the amending formulas set out in Part V of the Constitution Act, 1982 - this does not mean there is no changes made, it's just harder to do.

    As for this country, I am seeing more and more corruption and underhanded behavior ranging from local small businesses to the Medical billing industry and it's pretty scary. Medical isn't in trouble here because it's expensive, it's in trouble because it's full of thieves. Just get into a car accident in NY state and watch what happens...

    This is just one example in one small area that amounts to billions of dollars of STOLEN money.

    Auto Insurance co. gets billed, Medical insurance gets billed as well and then they sneak you a bill to YOU claiming it's not paid. If you look into the laws, you can't be held responsible for no fault claims that are not paid or only partially paid by the auto insurance co. So in the end, the hospital bills out...

    12,000 to AIC
    12,000 to say - MVP
    Hopes to get paid by both, and while waiting sends you a cry letter that you didn't provide them with so and so info in time and are now responsible for the bill. If you don't know the law (State insurance dep act.) and you pay...

    The hospital just made 36K on 12K of services.

    That's insurance fraud! from our own Medical service industry and they get away with it at an alarming rate with almost NO repercussions.

    Canada's medical - governed by tight rules and regulations across the board (for the most part - Alberta was trying to mess with it when I left) and this keeps fraud in medical billing down to a minimum. I'm sure it happens, but when you pay $132 or so bucks every three months for full medical, (it is less or free for ppl who make 10K or less a year) they pretty much have no choice but to follow a pay out system with little or no room for scamming without it being some big ring with patient involvement.

    BTW - When my daughter was born, It cost me $52. That was a privet room, phone and TV with cable for 3 days.

    My stay at the hospital here after the car accident cost 18 thousand dollars for 3 days. That did not include the surgery I needed later or follow up appointments.

    As for Ron J. I have not seen a post from him for weeks. When I loose IQ points from reading posts, I just use the functions on this board so I don't have to read them anymore. :shrug: It's way nicer than some of the responses I've thought up. I was taught if you didn't have anything nice to say.... Pretty much why I rarely post here at all.

  2. The rich around where I live make me depressed. Sometimes I don't realize how fortunate I really am because I compare it to where I live which I have to stop doing. To give you and Idea, my brother and I just got the drive a kids $140,000 Porsch Carrera with every option under the sun, and that was his 17th birthday present :nonono: I worked extreamly hard to buy my Mach 1, and now that gas is going to be $3-$4 once again I feel I will be put out of the joy of Driving, and the rich will be able to burn as much as they want. And around here, in northern NJ, the rich arn't smarter then anyone else, they are left huge companies, such as Cablevision, and yes, a girls father in my school owns cablevision, they are left these compainies or a highly paid position doing nothing.
  3. If you don't mind. How many of the 4 cars you have listed do you still own? And how many did you buy yourself? The "rich" can afford the good life because they have already invested money into something that pays them. If you own a company. Then that was a choice to invest instead of spend money. Which comes down to a smarter choice. I worked hard to get the money for my Cobra. But what I should have done with that money. Is invest it in something. But I was not disciplined enough to do so.
  4. I stil have the Gold V6, that was my first car, my parents bought it for me 12,000 used, the 1999 GT is actually my moms, yet we use it for school. The 88GT is my brothers which we both work on, i wouldn't even consider that a driveable car, and I bought the Mach Myself.
  5. I remember back about 25 years ago when I was much younger how I wanted to make lots of money and be rich. I am a Jew and as you know, we Jews love money. As a Jew, I wanted to make lots of money so I could buy anything that I wanted. I used to be a special education teacher in New York and I was just making paycheck and living week to week. My girlfirend who I had at that time took a picture of me in the nude and sent it off to PlayGirl Magazine in some kind of contest that PlayGirl had. After a little while, PlayGirl called me up and told me that I won the contest. After I won, I was getting many phone calls from all the various porno film companies in Hollywood. I got myself an agent and everything else is history. I became a porno star overnight and I made over 1,500 porno movies in my lifetime. I made many millions of dollars and I am a very rich man right now. I have gone so far as being a celebrity on the Surreal Life Show. As a cheap bastard Jew, I think that I worked very hard and that I did very well in life. I made lots of money and I am living the easy life right now. I own houses in Bel Air, Hollywood, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, New York and Massachusetts. I travel all around the country and all around the world. I own my own LearJet and have my own pilots who take me anywhere in the world where ever I want to go whenever I want. I own a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, 2 Mustangs, a Ferarri and a bunch of other exotic expensive cars. I have lots of money in the bank and I love to live the good life. I am known to be a very cheap Jew bastard, but I always take care of myself first. I care only about Ron Jeremy and nobody else. I feel that I have been a big success in life and that I've gotten there by banging away at working hard at being the best in what I do. Take it from someone here who used to live paycheck by paycheck. The only way to be successful and very rich is by wanting it so badly that you would screw your own mother in order to attain this wealthy status and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with this. You got to do what you have to do to be the best and to be successful. Take it from me. I sisn't get to where I am today by mediocrity. I got there from doing hard work and having many hard ons. I became the **** King and have made millions of dollars. I have lived the great AMerican dream in this country. I always dreamed of being successful. That's what most people in this country don't do. You got to want to be successful and to be persistent trying to be successful. There is no such thing in being poor. If you are poor, you are poor because you are incompetent and because you cannot or you don't want to find a better way to make yourself successful Don't complain about things when you have everything here in front of you, but you don't want to change your circumstances. You are weak and deserve to be poor if you are like this. But on the other hand, if you are assertive and if you want to change your life and become rich you can do it. All that you need to do is to work hard and be good at what you love doing. That's how I became successful. Don't ever give up on life. You can be successful if you try. Just look at me. I am a very good example of this success.
    Ron Jeremy in here says hello to all the nice looking Mustang chicks on this forum. I think that I might be honest about things in here and that I just want to tell all my porno fans in here that I am obliged in your support and in picking me to be the number one **** sar in the world. God Bless You All in here.
  6. Ron. I only have one disagreement with you on that post. And that is that I don't think you are poor because you are incompetent AND because you cannot or you don't want to find a better way to make yourself successful . I think that while some people may suffer from incompetancy. The larger majority of people who are not rich simply don't want to be rich. That it isn't about both incompetancy and not wanting to be rich. I'm not rich. But I'm not incompetant. Just haven't had the proper timing figured out. I just have not until recently had the time and/or money to start my business. But that was then this is now. And with any luck I will have success.
  7. Ron Jeremy

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    You can't be serious, are you???? :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    :eek: :eek:
  8. hehe......fat guy with whale penis seats is telling you how to live
  9. I thought the same thing myself, how can you :bs: so much?????
  10. :notnice: Sorry, you're WRONG on that one, even though it is a popular myth. Gasoline and other road taxes pay for ALL road upkeep: building, maintenance, patrol salaries, Patrol cars, etc. All of it. The person who doesn't own a car pays nothing for the roads. Nothing. (Except for the pittance that is in the retail price of the goods bought for transporting them.) That is quite fair, and is supposed to work the same way the airports do. If you don't use it, you don't pay for it.

    As a matter of fiscal fact: we drivers pay about twice our share, as only slightly over half of the money we pay into the Highway Trust Funds ever gets spent on the highways. It is siphoned off for many other things. So we drivers are subsidizing others, not the commonly quoted other way around.
  11. Why would FORD not be able to get the gas of an 5.7 LS1, out of there 4.6 MOD motor, I don't understand the arguement. With a 6-speed as an option, there is no good reason.
  12. In the state I live in the state gasoline tax used to go exclusively to the transportation fund. Many years ago they changed it so the gas tax just goes into the general fund. So gas tax is used for everything from welfare to subsidizing mass transit. Ocassionally they throw us a bone and use a few bucks to fix a pothole or two.
  13. Oh sure, that's real fair. It's fair when you don't have the Amish, whose buggies tear up the roadways something aweful with their metal wheels, and the horse crap they leave all over the road. They don't pay a cent towards road maintenance, despite causing consdierable damage.

    But I'm not bitter.
  14. If you don't want to be rich then be it. Some people would prefer to not be rich and I don't think that this is a bad thing. If you can live simply and be happy then do it. But for myself, I prefer to be rich and live a life of luxury and excess. Afterall, I'm a Jew and all of us Jews love money. As Jews, we love to live our lives with excesses. We are a money hungry and a money grubbing people who would do anything for a buck. I pork women for money. Other Jews run the world's banking system and the world's diamond market for money. Everybody is different I guess. But if you don't want to be rich, I understand that. There's nothing wrong with living a simplistic lifestyle and not being rich. I just wanted to say that there's nothing wrong with not wanting to be rich. That's all.

  15. I read through 6 pages of mostly crap to finally find the one person who has figured it out! Thank you 65conv50!

    A few other comments on this thread.

    Ron Jeremy... Nobody else will say it, so I will. You either derive great joy from just stirring up contoversy, OR, you are a mean spirited, self centered, pathetic human being without friends or other social contacts and have no other portal into conversation other than your computer, OR, you are quite simply the most stupid man in America. Your derogatory comments directed at Arabs and Muslims doesn't display any moral outrage, only your own lack of intellect. You often refer to 9-11. I believe you are far more interested in your own personal comfort than you ever were for the victims of that horrific event.

    To all: We shouldn't complain about the price of gas going up. The US has maintained an artifically low price on gas for decades. No other industrial nation on earth has enjoyed, or exploited, the low cost of energy like the US has. We are indeed 5% of the worlds population and utilize 25% of the worlds energy consumption, most of it for our own personal enjoyments. Think the roads are bad? Its because government doesn't collect nearly enough taxes to keep the infrastructure to the level needed to sustain growth (siphoning off money for other pork projects considered). Its simply a supply and demand issue. OPEC might set the price and production rates for oil, globally, but WE AMERICANS set the rate of demand on a global scale. Its the same as speed... how fast does your wallet want to go. Want a Hummer...pay the price. Want a cheap fuel bill by a Civic. No conspiracy here, just simple, very simple economics... Not withstanding political corruption at the highest levels being in bed with both the Saudi government and the oil companies (which accounts for a small fraction of the increases).

    Finally... We are Americans. We will still buy our gas guzzling Hummers, and our high performance muscle cars. We, as a nation, will not be knocked to our knees like we were in the 70's during the embargo. We will continue to drive billions of miles per year in automobiles with only only one person in the car. We will not utilize public transportaion, we will not demand cleaner, better, renewable energy sources. We will not start buying Yugo's again. Why? Because we are Americans and we will not sacrifice anything that involves our losing our love affair with our cars. Of course our kids won't be going to Yale or Harvard, but they're overated schools anyway.

    Mustang Sallad... Don't even start your hybrid-electric crap. If you can't make my Mustang go 150 mph with it, I/m not interested.
  16. Ok, I'll point out that it really isn't that bad of an idea. Some are even doing a good job at it. How's this

    4.1 second 0 to 60
    13.2 seconds in the 1/4
    Gets 100 Miles on full charge going 60 miles per hour.
    It's only rated at 200HP


    Car looks pretty good, but not really my style. It's a prototype, and costs 200K per, so you won't see them on the streets soon.
    It's dead silent.

    I want to see a real water powered engine that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen and uses them for combustion. Near the same cleanliness with music coming from the pipe.

    Change is hard to take, but with the way things are moving we have little choice.

  17. I understand the next acura NSX might have a hybrid powertrain (V6 w/ IMA). If this is the case, I'm really interested to see how they handled the weight/bulk of the batteries. We'll see.
  18. That may be a great car. But I don't think anyone on this board is going to pay ferrari money for a car that can only go 100 miles before having to charge up for at least an hour. Then pay $3k for new battery pack every 2 to 3 years. Even if gas goes up to $4 a gallon. I still won't be spending the amount that that car costs. Let alone the upkeep on it.
  19. Do you even know what prototype means? How much do you think the concept mustangs cost. 30K each :shrug:

    If the car went into production it would MSRP for about the same as any other road car and would most likely be a 5 seater. Cost less to maintain because you don't just eliminate gas, but oil as well. Hell, it uses cell phone batteries so the technology is already at our feet; it just needs to be pushed a little more to get that 300 or 350 MPC. To build one off cars costs big money, but if they build 200K of them I can't see it costing much more than 25 to 30K.

    This is technology that needs to be. Forward thinking has been under the thumb of the oil industry for a long time. Now that technology is rearing its ugly head regardless of being held back and dismissed, it can't be ignored. All the greed in the world is not going to help the oil industry now. The government, although not really helping much, keeps making stricter emissions laws year after year and at the same time has been chewing of its own fingers trying to figure out how to replace all that fuel tax revenue once electric cars begin to dominate the highways.

    Sometimes I wonder how we got out of caves. Look how many of the brightest minds and forward thinkers were dismissed or even killed throughout history. What is so wrong with progress?

  20. I know the concept mustangs weren't cheap. However before you start questioning me.
    How about their own website info.
    The tzero is being readied for production, and is expected to begin deliveries in 2002. The exact timing is not yet determined. It will be priced between Porsche and Ferrari. For more details on getting the tzero,
    Pack life is on the order of two to three years, or 15,000 to 20,000 miles. At current prices, a set of new batteries costs about $3,000 from Optima


    Of course you could always try reading the site you referred before refuting my statements.
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