$3-$4 a Gallon for Premium Gas + 18 mpg Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GM Dude, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. If this thread is about the high price of gasoline, then the topic which I am talking about in here should not be left out. It is an important topic. It is also the reason why gasoline is at the high price that it's at today. Understand this.
  2. I could say the same thing about certain Americans. I'll give you a hint: Stars with an "R", ends with an "on Jeremy".

    There is too much here to possibly comprehend. Ron, with each subsequent post you only serve to confirm your stupidity and staggering ignorance.
  3. Jeeze, if I'm stupid and ignorant, then how is it that I can rationalize and write up a whole post in here for this thread? I think that you are the one who might be ignorant. Not me. If you think that I have gone off the subject and on a tangent in here then you are wrong. I was just trying to explain WHY things are the way they are with the current high oil prices and low oil supply. WTF is it that you do not understand in my post? Everything which I talk about is in black and white and it makes sense. You obviously cannot comprehend what I wrote in here when you are reading. I am not stupid or ignorant just because you don't know how to read and comprehend what I wrote about in here. I suggest that you go back to school and learn to read and also learn to comprehend what you read if you have a problem understanding what I wrote in here. But don't call me stupid and ignorant. You are wrong by doing that. Have a nice day.
  4. Ron I understand to some extent your feelings (Though I do not share them.). But let's just say we level the middle east. What are the political repercussions of that. And how do you plan on getting the oil? You've made the place uninhabitable. And as far as gas prices have you seen how much money the oil companies in the united states are making? Should we nuke those as well? Maybe we could make a real blow for freedom and nuke alaska. You are complain about muslim extremists. Then advocate the same kind of extremist views. They do have culture. You may not be able to see it. But they do.
  5. electric cars that require recharging are not a solution either as far as air quality is concerned. where does most of the electricity in the eastern part of the country come from? coal fired powerplants which pollute more than all the auto in the us combined. hybrids are good because they generate their own electricity. but if the gas goes up there goes the performance after market and the rest of the economy. and rom jeremy is right it`s the ultra left commie socialists who ruin it for the country. you want to blame somebody for the condition the country is in? well except for the las few years the liberals have had a majority in the house and senate for about 40 years not to mention the liberal judges out there making their own laws up and forget about the judges representing the majority population`s wants and needs
  6. Isn't Ron just typing to blab???? Seems to me he just wants his opinion heard (or read). Arabs are not the problem. I have plenty of Arab friends, even dated a girl from Saudi Arabia......granted their customs are different, but they're not all out to screw america out of gas and kill the soldiers. A$$holes like Osama bin Laden can afford to pay his own soldiers and their families money to destroy innocent lives. In the middle east, people will sacrifice their own lives to kill many more if their own family gets money (extremely high sign of respect as messed up as it may seem).

    Now, with the electric car theory......Toyota has the idea right with the Prius with the CVT (continuously variable transmission). The engine is a hybrid that does not require being plugged into the wall. It gets its charge from braking power, so downshifting to slow is out of the question. It's a very good idea......but it's supposedly only getting 50 mpg. Isn't that the same that the Geo Metro was getting when it first came out????
  7. Ron Jeremy has finally slipped up and let out the secret of who is hiding behind his handle. Let it now be told that Ron Jeremy of the StangNet Forums is really G. W. Bush. :rlaugh:
  8. sigh...gw bush would not be commenting like Ron is. He is much more politically sound than his father was.


  9. If that's true, then I like Ron...or George....even more.

    "The KKK is a nice little terrorist organization, with all the burning of the crosses and lynching black males."

    When was the last time the KKK lynched anyone?

    Here's a better question:

    When was the last time one of those *&$%#$% Muslim's killed an American? Oh lets see....THIS MORNING. And before that? YESTERDAY. Yeah, every day atleast one American dies over in Iraq. It's getting to the point where saying "screw it...kill them all" seems easier. Maybe not feasible, but what else can we do? We have finally wised up and closed down alot of the borders in Iraq...to prevent terrorists from entering the country.

    Let's take all of you left wing commies and put you on patrols in Iraq. How would you like to walk arround the streets of Baghdad with a riffle at 3am...knowing that there are people ALL arround you that would love to slit your throat or worse?

    And shatner...the "typical european household" probably doesn't have a couple of computers, tvs, and fridges running 24/7. So, your analysis is flawed. Yeah, we should conserve energy and spend less.....but we don't. That's a fact. I will claim ignorance on the following point:

    Wouldn't it cost alot to switch over and build all of the hydro, solar, etc. power houses and use that instead of oil? That's an honest question...anyone know?

    And peyotesands, Mr. Bin Laden (in the ass) and his towel head friends were directly behind 9-11. We didn't go in to Iraq first. We went in to Afghanastan. Remember? We crippled Al-Qaeda and put the big man on the run. Atleast we did something, unlike what our last president would have done. He would have let Monica finish sucking him off....smoked a cigar (after he used it on her)....and then maybe got arround to responding.

    What has happened in the last 50 years? To where most everyone in politics is a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'. Sorry for the vulgar term, but it best suites how to describe the general consesus of today's youth and politicians.

    If 9-11-01 had been 09-11-47...it would have been handled the same as far as our President, but anyone who burned a flag...or called our President a wack job. How disrespectful? I did not liek President Clinton at all, but I never would have spoken about the President that way. Its respect for the office, for the title, for our commander in chief. You may not like the man, but atleast grow some balls, hitch up your skirt, and stand behind our President.

    Don't you think all the little Arabs running arround with bombs strapped to themselves feed off of the disconsent of the American people? If you were attacking some powerful nation (America)...which would give you a harder time:

    1. The citizens of American stand behind there government and country, and show unity and support...and most importantly STRENGTH.

    2. The very few and obnoxious citizens burn flags at their nation's capital amd publically disgrace our nation.

    Now, before you responde with 1st amendmant arguements and the right to protest and blah blah blah....think about that. I have my BA in Political Science and am currently working on my Doctorite in PS. I have many views and opinions that fall on both sides of the isle...but I know one thing that is for certain....that EVERY American should embrace:

    Either step up and be a man (or woman) and support the protecion of our country and its citizens here and arround the world....or move to one of our enemy's countries and join in on the dancing in the street and the burning of our flag...when our buildings fall and innocent people die. But we warned...you wont celebrate for long, because my fellow americans will be knocking at your home after your done celebrating...with a rifle pointed at your head.

    ok, go ahead and talk about right to protest now.
  10. Ok a couple of things you seemed to neglect. Did we finish the job on Al-Qaeda before going into Iraq? Um no we are still looking for Bin Laden and other top figures. Did we really cripple them? Look at madrid for your answer. Now onto Iraq. Was it a threat yes. But but certainly not as big as Mr. Bush made it out to be. We still have not found the WMD's that were supposed to be the basis of invading the country. As far as your comments on Mr Clinton. Sure maybe he failed in getting rid of terrorism. But he did manage to make the economy better. Which should be at least as important as getting rid of terrorism. You can support the troops and not agree with the president.

    Yes it would cost a lot of money to build clean power options. But doesn't the cost go up every month we wait to build them? The answer is yes it does. And if we don't start doing something now. It will become even more expensive.

    And far as "screw it...kill them all". What about the ones that do support our country. I used to work with an Iraqi who. When the bombs started dropping wanted to join OUR army and go fight for the freedom of his people and this country. He is muslim and was willing to die for this country. So should we just kill him without thought? Our way of life is completely different from theirs. And just because some extremist take it too far. You want to kill all muslims. How about we Kill all black people because they contribute to gang violence? Or since some teens here in washington killed a gay man last year. Why don't we kill all teens?
  11. How has this thread not been locked already? It must exist inside the twighlit zone.
  12. Don't worry I'm sure it will be soon.
  13. So you're defending the Klan? Lovely.

    There are plenty of documented acts of violence and terrorism perpetrated by so called "lone wolf" KKK and neo-nazi members over the last 20 years. The only reason they stopped lynching people is because they don't have the power to do it with impunity anymore, not because the Klan developed some sense of enlightenment or morality towards African Americans.

    "Nuke them all"? Great! A thousand years from now, they'll be talking about America (in the past tense) and saying "Wow! the world has seen some genocides in it's time but these Americans made Molosovich and Hitler look like amateurs." Good job. If history has taught us anything, it's that you can't cast aspersions on an entire race of people because of the actions of a few. You talk about this solder and that, getting killed by muslims. If the entire muslim world was out to get the west, THE PLANET WOULD BE ON FIRE RIGHT NOW.

    I can't comment intelligently on what european energy consumption is compared to the US. If it's less, what does that say about us? We consume more than anyone else and we are unwilling to look at options when the costs go up. I find that remarkable.

    The fact that I think is indisputable, is that this is one technological frontier that we are definitely falling behind. Europe already has 4x the wind power generation and they have a clearly defined, supported plan for it's growth and expansion. We have nothing.

    In answer to your question about the cost of switching over, no it would not cost a lot. The initial investment costs might be heavy, but the ongoing maintanence costs would probably be a fraction of comparable fuel burning power generation. In the case of wind and solar, the power grids would be more scaleable, so you could add power capacity literally as you need it.

    And, once again, the ongoing power generation has nothing to do with drilling, pumping, transporting, refining, buring or fighting over: crude oil.

    If you wan't an example closer to home, look at Canada. So much of their electricity is genereated by hydro that they generally refer to their power bill as "hydro bill". They even generate so much that they export some to the US.

    Edit: There is a cost breakdown on page 13 of:
    http://www.ewea.org/documents/13190_policy briefing_4.pdf
  14. ok, I need to clarify: I did not mean to say "kill them all". I simply meant I can UNDERSTAND why some people feel fed up to say that.

    Second, why would it cost more to build a hydro plant in a month...than it does this month? Why would cost go up by waiting?

    Third, any threat is a threat. No matter how big you maky think it is...I am sure alot more went on than what the public knew. And, Saddam was a threat to his people. Chemical Weapons? He used them....had them....who cares if he still does. He was a threat, had WMD, AND was seeking them. Would you think a convicted murderer who was attempting to get a gun was not a threat? Of course you would.

    oh, and I wasn't defending the Klan. Comparing what the Klan has done...and I will grant you is doing....and the crazies that kill abortion doctors to how muslims are carrying out suicide bombings is like comparing how many people die from falling off of a bridge and from a heart attacks. Not a good comparison at all. Show me suicide bombings that we are carrying out on our "infidels". Oh thats right...civilized people don't do that.

    The number of abortion doctors killed is not anywhere close to the number of suicide bombers. yeah, you can find crazy people anywhere....but look at the AMOUNT of extremists the muslim religion has.

    Ok, this is dumb.....let's stop arguing. ALL we are doing to each other is

    :bang: when we should be :banana: because the 2005 mustang will be out in 6 months!

    Peace brothers
  15. Labor and materials cost go up all the time. That's why new houses cost more than they did a year ago.

    Do we base how civilized a country is based soley on it's extremists? The problem is the extremists are generally not working within the law of the country they are in.
  16. Dubbya is much more politically saavy than his dad. His father had a much better understanding of the world. You can't deal with the world over the sights of a rifle and be successful for long. Neither Bush understands the needs and values of the common working man. Not that Kerry does any better...
  17. Why would it cost more to build a hydro plant in a month, than it does to build it this month? Why would the cost go up by waiting?

    Easy answer. Even in a zero inflation economy it is more expensive to wait. You not only have the costs associated with the construction. You have the additional costs of providing more expensive energy for that month.

    Is it cheaper THIS month to wait? Sure it is... but sooner or later you have to pay.
  18. Dude, I don't care how much schooling you've had, you are one seriously misguided individual.

    I am extremely embarrased to say that one year ago I got all caught up in GW's war mongering and supported his Iraq war. Over the past 12 months I've completely changed my mind. By the time the US pulls out of Iraq we will have spend over $300 billion dollars, gotten 1,000 or more Americans killed, another several thousand Ameicans injured for life and for what?

    So GW could get revenge for his father's mistake of not taking out Saddam in 1991?
    So the day after we finally pull out we can watch Iraq collapse into civil war and ultimately end up another Muslim extremest state like Iran?
    So we can transfer billions of taxpayer $$ to companies like Halibuton?
    So the government can use this "war on terror" as an excuse to remove more of our freedoms?

    You have to face it, there were no weapons of mass distruction and if the CIA thought so the entire agency should be shut down and rebuilt from scratch.

    It's also becomming apparant that the sanctions were working and Hussain's government would have collapsed within 5 years without the US going in.

    More and more evidence is surfacing that GW was consumed with attacking Iraq from the day he too office, way before 9/11

    The US should not have even thought about Iraq until the mess in Afganistan was cleaned up.

    Wake up, you've been scammed by your government.
  19. If you want to know the truth, just follow the money.


    Gulf War I was even more interesting. Ramsey Clark makes a good case that Bush senior provoked Iraq to invade Kuwait in his book "The Fire This Time: U.S. Crimes in the Gulf"




    Clark says that in Secret Dossier: The Hidden Agenda Behind the Gulf War," Pierre Salinger notes that Kuwait greatly increased its oil production on August 8, 1988. Iraq was dependent on stable oil prices, and Kuwait's action sent oil prices spiraling down.

    Kuwait also demanded a 50 percent increase in the OPEC quotas and wanted to extract additional oil from the Rumaila field on the Iraq-Kuwait border. The U. S. supplied Kuwait with the drilling technology to steal oil from the part of Rumaila that was inside Iraq, says Salinger.

    In addition, Kuwait had been one of Iraq's main creditors, and Kuwait started pushing Iraq to pay back their debt. The sudden belligerent attitude of Kuwait toward Iraq was encouraged by the U. S., according to Middle East expert Milton Viorst, who in The New Yorker quoted Kuwaiti business owner and pro-democracy activist Ali al-Bedah, who said, "I think if the Americans had not pushed, the royal family [of Kuwait] would have never taken the steps that it did to provoke Saddam."
  20. Just so you know....the CIA should be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Someone I know works for the "communications" dept at the CIA and his wife had to call and tell him at work about the sept 11 bombings.
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