3.45 vs 3.55 vs 4.10???

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Mach428, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. 3.45 vs 3.73 vs 4.10???

    I have a 2000 mustang V6 auto, I was wondering what opinions anyone had on each of the gears listed above. I still need to drive my car on the highway, its my daily driver. Any opinions for this next mod?
  2. 3.45's, 3.73's, and 4.10's are available for the 7.5 rear end, which is what you have. 3.55's are only available for the 8.8 rear.

    If you are concerned with highway gas mileage a LOT, get 3.73's. If you don't mind getting ~22-24 mpg or so highway then get 4.10's.

    (I have 4.10's in my 5 spd, which is as high as I'd like to go with the amount of hwy driving I do)
  3. V6powerstang...what kind of rpms are you turning with those 4.10s @ say, 80 mph?? Just curious b/c I've got a 5 spd, too.
  4. Damn, 4.10s in a manual? I hate driving through town in that.

    I'd get a 8.8" rearend with 3.73 that way it leaves some room incase you get blown or add some serious power down the road.
  5. opps sorry my mistake, ment 3.73 not 3.55
  6. 4.10 for auto 3.73 for manual thats ALL you need to know
  7. well, i'm at 2,500rpms by 68mph exactly, but i'd have to say about 3,000 for 80mph.

    as to the power adder statement... i barely shift into 4th in the quarter mile, so i have PLENTY of room to grow. especially with slicks and a good launch it'll cut down mph and never have to worry about topping fourth anyways. where'd you get that from, anyways?
  8. It's all about the 4.10's.
    But I would suggest traction lock and mabey a 8.8 rear before u mess with the crappy 7.5.
  9. What year car do you have??? Because in my car, I am slightly past redline in 3rd @ the end of the 1/4 and I have stock gears. Any more power and I'll be shifting 4th in the 1/4 and you're doing the same with 3.73's??? This all is based on my understanding of the word 'barely' though. Your barely may not be mine. Anyway... what year?
  10. i'm sorry, i don't recollect exactly where i was at when i finish the 1/4 mi.

    i have a 2000 v6 5spd.
  11. I got 4.10s in my 97 4r70w and its close to the same. I do hit overdrive in the quarter so i lose quite a bit of time there...a manual would actualy be a lot better in this case if you ask me, even with the excessive shifting. in overdrive im at 2500 rpms at about 65-70 mph...my speedo actually reads a little slower then im actually going so im never quite sure...i got that damn speedcal from dallasmustang but they didn't tune it for the aftermarket 23 tooth speedo i had already stuck in with the 4.10 gears...but then again, i don't know how to set it right either. at least im getting less miles and not more...
  12. Good Advice. Get the 8.8 rear. Then throw some 4.10's on there and never look back. :nice: Thats what I have on my 98 Auto but I am hardly ever on highways.
  13. 3.73's for manual if you do alot of highway or the car will be blown, otherwise 4.10 is fine for the manual.
  14. I think gearing is different for us pre99s cause the others already have 3.27's which aren't too bad. If yer lookin for a compromise I'd go 3.73 which is pretty much the same difference as when I went to 3.27 and I still get the same mileage as before give or take 1mpg and much better acceleration.
  15. dallas speed cal + auto = not work right
  16. I have heard some cobra guys going higher then 4.10's? Is that because they have a six speed?