3.55 gears in the mach1 and 05 mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by pjdellenger80, Mar 2, 2004.

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    nice kill john

  2. undefined Suck a dic

    It gives you horsepower, mabye not alot, but if does give you some and if you say it don't then your a idiot. It is not on there just for the looks
  3. pdjdellenger...please refer back to the above post
  4. You just keep thinking you're faster than Mach 1's....

    ...those same 4.10's fit Mach 1's too you know.
  5. Yeah, he knows that. He's trying to prove how much better they are than 3.55's.
  6. i wasnt saying i will never get beat, but it will take until at least november for it to happen.

  8. Well your not the brightest either if you believe it does nothing for your car, you must be pretty dumb. No it doesnt do alot for your car but it helps and it looks really sweet, and yes i believe magazines but sometimes there wrong like you are of course nobody is perfect and there not always right. Where is your proof? and there is no tough guy act here just being myself, if you don't like it then don't read anything i have to say

    as for dk jacky chan...loser :shrug: and what a stupid name
  9. dude, jackie chan, and 1990stang own you.

    they dont do ANYTHING. remember something too, per every 10 degrees colder air you get, you get 1 hp.
  10. He mentioned me :)
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  13. reminds me of Stangkid....
  14. he and stangkid are twins. except he's the retarded twin. at least stangkid is funny. this guy just doesn't know anything.
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    Sounds like identical twins to me.

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  16. I own you. Your my [email protected] What do you think a cold air intake does, it gives you more power. Why would a functional hood scoop help? come on now.
  17. looks like someone woke up from thier afternoon nap.:rolleyes::nonono:
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