SOLD 3.55's For Sale Or Trade

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by srtthis, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. 3.55's for an 8.8

    for sale or trade
    150 or 4.30's for an 8.8 [​IMG]

    might be open to 4.56's also but id have to run the numbers on that

    open to other offers also...
  2. can you do $100 shipped to MD?
  3. where in MD i could just deliver them
  4. still got them... make some offers....
  5. A set of 4:10s :p
  6. haha if i knew when i was going to put a bottle to the car i would do 4.10's but need 4.30's on motor

  7. you never replied to my PM... I scored a set last week.

    GLonS though :)
  8. sorry about... after i saw the shipping price i said figured it wasnt worth it for me to ship them
  9. might be willing to trade for north race car brackets.. c clip elims... who knows make me offers...
  10. make some offers need these things out of my way so i can start building the rear
  11. 1 empty can of Monster Tea (it's the green kind)
    A half eaten package of peanut butter crackers
    1 yellow highlighter with a pink cap (doesn't highlight anymore, I think it's dry)
  12. still got umm... make me an offer i want them off my work bench
  13. Hey i could use them hows a 100 bucks sound? Im in southrrn md.
  14. Pm me some pics please srtthis
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.