3.73 gear issue beating a dead horse but this is a lil different

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  1. Hey fellas whats up? I realize the whole "which gear should I run" question has been ran into the ground but maybe I could get some opinions here. My dad has a 95 gt w t-5 that came with 2.73 but for a year now he has been running the 3.73's and he doesn't really like them. First gear is way too short and it feels like it need's a 6th gear on the highway. The motor has a fresh rebuild with a cam in it with stock upper and lower but he is fixing to add vortech supercharger. Ok so the question is with the supercharge what gear should he think about going to 3.55, 3.27? Or should he just stick it out with the 3.73's The car won't see hardly any drag strip time. Mostly around town and "spirited" highway driving. Sorry for being so long winded.

    anyone else get the 3.73's b/c that was the norm recommendation and didn't like them?
  2. I put 3:55's in mine. Had a Vortech Supercharged 302 then went Naturally Aspirated 347 Stroker. Worked fine for me in both applications. If you don't want to go 3:73's because of your Pop's car then get 55's. The 55's are around 270rpm's less than 73's. Example- So at 80MPH were your Dad's car is at 2470rpm your's will be at 2200rpm with the 55's if you went that route.
  3. I would keep 3.73s because they are perfect for a SC car, unless he needs to do over 125-128 mph for some reason in a race.

    I would actually rec. 4.10s for an all motor car or bolton T5 because it is better.

    changing from 3.73s to 3.55s is a huge waste of money. Its not going to make a lick of difference in MPG and as often as you seem to be messing with this motor, its not going to make any type of long term wear argument. If you dad thinks 3.73s need an extra gear, he should go try driving in most modern cars that arent trucks. Most cars have the same final drive ratio as a t-5 3.73 car or even worse. I have 2 other 6 speed cars and one 4 speed car.

    Our 350z with a 6 speed is geared at what a 3.90 mustang would cruise at.

    Maybe your dad should consider a t56:nice:
  4. If he wants low rpm on the highway then go with 3.27.