3:73 gear question

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  1. I am thinking of purchasing some 3:73 gears and want to know what I need to buy.

    I have a 2001 GT Convertible with 9000 miles on it, don't drive it much as you can see.

    Now, I know I need the gears, but do I also need the install pack which gives you bearings and all that other good stuff? I mean, the car only has 9000 miles on it, do I need to replace all that stuff, or just reuse them? Or are the bearings and things specific to the 3:73's? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. If you have the 5 speed, go with a set of 4.10's. You'll be much happier. A friend has the 3.73's in his 2002, after he drove my 98 with them. He's not happy with the 3.73's. The 98 (non-pi) pulls much harder in each gear than his 2002. All due to the gear ratio. The T45 has higher gears than the 3650.
  3. I got 3.90s for my '03 GT. I couldn't decide between 3.73s and 4.10s... so I thought being in the middle would be best :nice:. I didn't need any of the install kit, but than again I had mine installed with barely any miles. You could always get it just to be safe.
    Since you have a vert you might like the added pick up the 4.10s add, but with either one, you'll love them.
  4. go for 410's.
  5. The kit with the gears should have shims, crush sleeve and pinion nut. I would get a new pinion bearing set. no need for carrier or axle bearings. Don't forget a bottle of friction modifier and your choice of fluid. I run Mobile one syn. , there are a lot of good ones though.
  6. Since you don't put many miles on in a year, I'm pretty sure you aren't too concerned with gas mileage, so 4.10's would probably work very well for you. Plus it will help to make up for the extra weight of your convertible.

    One thing a lot of people forget when changing gears is that your speedo will be off after the change. You will need either a chip to tell the computer of the difference or a different gear inside your speedo.
  7. he has a 2001, so he will need speedcal, programmer or chip
  8. do I need to put silicon around the seal? I would think so because whenever we change seals on the semi's i work with we put silicon around the seal.
  9. what is the friction modifier for?where is it used, is it an additive for the fluid or....what?
  10. I bought 3.73's and I'm happy with them. I'm planning on nitrous or a turbo depending on what I can afford next year.

    My car had about 4k miles and the only extra thing the installer suggested was a new pinion bearing. So far so good.
  11. The friction modifier is added to the regular fluid and helps the new metal items seat better more quickly. This way it won't take as long for you to break in those new gears and you can then really test them out sooner.
  12. Thank you!
  13. In terms of the speedcal or chip, I am going to get the gears installed at my dealership, so do I still need the speedcal or is that a device the dealership should have?

    Also, forpit2000gt stated that "The kit with the gears should have shims, crush sleeve and pinion nut. I would get a new pinion bearing set." I was on the gefracing site and they sell just the gears and then also sell the install kits. Are you saying that the install kits include the gears plus all the other stuff?
  14. Its a controversial topic, but once you have a gear change, with the stock diff. cover, they will silicone the back and put in friction modifier (which you do need) along with 75w-140 diff. fluid. I followed this heat cycle and break in period.
    1. first 100 miles no driving more than 15 miles without a 30 min cool down, and speeds 50 and under

    2. next 400 miles not above 65

    3. at 500 miles after gear change, rechange the fluid again with friction modifier and 75w-140 (when the ring and pinion breaks in it leave chards of metal which flowing around in your differential could lead to whining issues etc)

  15. The FRPP gear sets do come with crush sleeve, pinion nut and shims. :D
  16. Dealership is going to [email protected] you on the price, find a good shop located near you to do the work.
  17. but what i want to know is....

    With the install kits, do they include the gears, or do you have to buy the gears and also the install kit?
  18. The FRPP gear kit..... Ring Gear, matching pinion, shims, crush sleeve, pinion nut. You can buy just a pinion bearing set( if you want to replace). You will not need an install kit with the low mileage. :nice:

    I just read question again,....The install kit does not come with gears.Gears are not a part of the install kit. I hope this helps.
  19. So if I just buy the gears from gefracing, the gears come with the Ring Gear, matching pinion, shims, crush sleeve, and pinion nut.

    here is the site for the 4:10 ring gear and pinion -> http://www.gefracing.com/Merchant2/...G&Product_Code=M4209G410&Category_Code=46REAR

    I'm not talking about the kits at the bottom of the page, just this ring and pinion itself. If I just get that, will I need any of the kits on the bottom of the page?
  20. I see now why some places are so cheap on their gear prices. You only get the Ring gear and pinion for the $ 138.00, add another $ 40.00 for the ( M4210a) which you will need. and you have the average price of $ 180.00 that a lot of people advertise. The $ 180.00 price is a box with ring gear pinion, pinion nut, crush sleeve, shims and gasket. Call your Ford dealership and see if the can get the kit and how much. Check some other sites as well. I think someone had the whole kit for $ 169.00
    I will look. :D