3:73 gear question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by JackNanticoke, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Ford Motorsports lists the 4.10 kit as : M4209G410 and is around $ 200.00.
    Maybe look for this PN or call and make sure which kit people are selling. GEF still has a good price , even with both kits sold seperately.
  2. Get 4.10s if you're going to stay NA, 3.73s if a supercharger, turbo, or N02 are in the future for you.
  3. Still need speedcal or chip
  4. Average install price is $200-250. Most performance shops may have the kits you are looking for. Call around and see if there price is better than you getting everything yourself. Usually you can find everything cheaper yourself though.
  5. Now I'm not sure if I got the whole kit. I had Summit Racing beat GEF's price. Summit's price WAS like $189. I got them to drop it to $139, so it was $147 shipped. I never opened the box, I just brought it to the shop that did the install, when I got it back, it just had the old 3.27 gears in it. I could check the PN on the box later and post it here. You never know, maybe I got the whole kit and pulled one over on Summit. :D