3.73 Gears videos in daily driving

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  1. These aren't quite as good as the 4.10's post but it should give you an idea for RPM and MPH. These videos focus on the speedometer the entire time. I didn't see the 4.10 videos until after I got to Iraq so I couldn't so any videos similiar to that for comparison.

    Video 1 (5.2MB)
    Wide open throttle through 1st gear and part of 2nd

    Video 2 (16.3 MB)
    Starting in 3rd gear.
    Shift to 4th gear and hold at 40, 45, 50 MPH.
    Downshift to 3rd and hold at 35
    Downshift to 2nd and accelerate

    Video 3 (22.5 MB)
    Wide open throttle 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear.
    Downshifted to 3rd, held at 50.
    Upshifted to 4th, then 5th.
    Downshifted to 3rd, accelerated and shifted to 4th, held at 55.
    Downshifted to 3rd again, accelerated to 4th gear.
    Downshifted to 3rd and held at 55 (4k RPM)
    Upshifted to 4th gear and held at 60 (3k)
    Upshifted to 5th gear and held at 65 (2k RPM)

    Video 4 (17 MB)
    5th gear
    55 MPH (1600 RPM)
    60 MPH (1900-2000 RPM)
    65 MPH (2100 RPM)

    Video 5 (9.6 MB)
    4th gear
    55 (2600 RPM)
    60 MPH (3000 RPM)
    65 MPH (3100-3200 RPM)
    70 MPH (3500 RPM)
    75 MPH (3700-3800 RPM)

    Video 6 (30.6 MB)
    3rd gear
    35 MPH (2100 RPM)
    40 MPH (2500-2600 RPM)
    45 MPH (2900 RPM)
    50 MPH (3100-3200)
    Downshifted to 2nd
    30 MPH (3100 RPM)
    35 MPH (3200-3300 RPM)
    40 MPH (3900-4000 RPM)
    25 MPH (2500 RPM)
    20 MPH (2000 RPM)
    Accelerated to 43 MPH (4300 RPM)
  2. Havent watched (need to go to church, like NOW) but here is my vote for a STICKY. It will cut down on alot of questions.
  3. Possibly. It really shows the acceleration on some and shows the RPM at steady MPH rates. Still no me vs. other car comparisons you can see though.
  4. Watched videos. Looked good! But what's up with the music? Not my cup of tea. But good vids none the less. :nice:

    That first one looks real good for a daily driver. If you can get any others where you are passing cars or other scenery that would be awesome.
  5. I dunno, just left the radio on.

    It's going to be a while before I am able to get some passing cars or scenery :)
  6. good vid.
  7. We gonna make this sticky like the 4.10's?
  8. Here's a video of my 2000 GT with 3.73 gears I took recently. It is in Germany, btw.

    >> WMV9, 10MB, 02:43min <<

    It includes a small burnout and a donut, too.


  9. Very nice. :nice:
  10. Get some video with other cars around, such as a cruise on the interstate, like Spreadman did and this could definitely be sticky.
  11. Well, it's gonna take me a year since I'm in Iraq. If it stays around that long (the thread) I guess I can post it then.
  12. Any luck with getting the format's fixed and reloaded? I really want to watch the 3rd video. When I try to watch it it says the format is invalid.

  13. We will wait. :flag:
  14. good Sticky! Good Videos!
  15. Yeah, I've been trying to upload them since the first the first time post. It's taking me some time though. They're big files and the network here in Iraq is sketchy.

  16. Hmmmmm....wonder why? :rolleyes:
  17. All videos are uploaded.
  18. Videos 2 3 and 6 don't download completely :(