3.73 Gears videos in daily driving

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  2. I still get an invalid file format message on #3.
  3. I was able to get them all. PM me if you want me to "yousendit" to you!
  4. I'll try from my home PC (work PC is nearly garbage), but I may be pm'ing you tonight to get it.
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  6. I can't install Media Player 10 (PC won't support it for some reason) and I can't run the videos in Quicktime either. Any ideas so I can watch this one video I want to see? :bang:

    Can teh original format be changed somehow?

    When I try Quicktime it says end of file reached prematurely. Sounds like a personal problem. LOL!!
  7. Dang, Terry, you're still having trouble? :( I'm not too keen, but you might try to see if another media player can get it on-screen. Does winamp play video?
  8. Try media player classic
  9. No dice. :bang: :bang: :bang: I give up. I can't figure out the issue for me. :shrug:
  10. Traded 4.10 axle for 3.73 axle last week

    I had recently acquired 4.10s a couple of months ago in my '98 Vert in order to smoke a '05 Monte Carlo SS (which I was successful). Last week, my nephew (who is a certified FoMoCo mechanic) swapped out my rear axle for his (new FRPP 3.73 gears installed a couple of weeks ago) performed some tuning work and performed all of the labor. Overall, the car still performs very well and I've gained an extra two MPGs. (Got 22-23 on way down, 24-25 on way back on a 700 mile round trip to Florida). It's probably the tune that helped most but I haven't taken it to the track yet to get a time but still I feel like I can still break 15's. Personally, I think these gears match the motor very well and it still pulls pretty good. Being a 5 speed and planning for blower mods over the next year, I think these will be very good gears for this purpose. No doubt I do miss the little extra the 4.10's provided but I can't say it was that considerable of a loss. All I can say is compared to my previous stock 2.73 gears anything is a substantial improvement and it's not quite as loud at cruising speed. I think overall, I'm happy with the swap (and especially the tune) and gaining the extra MPG or so especially after the theft we are now dealing with at the gas pumps.
  11. If he's cruising at 65mph at 2100 rpm's that's with the tremec 3650 correct? Don't the 96-99's have the t-45's which have a different gear ratio that would cause a different rpm at the same speed?
  12. T45 5th gear is 0.67:1
    3650 5th gear is 0.68:1

    The difference is purely academic in the real world.

    Full gear ratios are

    1st 3.38
    2nd 2.00
    3rd 1.34
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.68

    1st 3.37
    2nd 1.99
    3rd 1.33
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.67

  13. Um, the 5th ratios you listed are wrong.

    T45 5th gear= .68
    TR-3650 5th gear= .62
  14. The T45 Ratios are from Hanlon Motorsports website and since it's their business to know Manual transmissions for Mustangs, I'm sure they are correct. Check for yourself here.

    I also stand by my assertion that the TR3650 has a 5th gear ratio of 0.68:1. The only 5 speed manual to leave the factory with a 0.62 overdrive ratio was the '84 T5. Every source I have found shows the Mustang TR3650 having the .68 ratio. On the Tremec page they show the transmission available with a .62 overdrive, but it never came in the Mustang from the factory as OEM.
  15. When I get my spreadsheet I'll post the gears ratios....
  16. I see the new 5.0 Mustangs magazine says the 3.73's are what most people will be happiest with and the 4.10's are popular for the more hardcore guys.