1. I will be instaling 3.73 gears on my car I just whant to know if I will see any beference on my 1/4 mile conpared to my 3.55 gears
  2. slightly... it might even hurt your et's if you dont have traction. My POS bolt on fox (3.73s) doesnt get traction till top of 2nd if i hit off the line (from idle). So if you were barely hooking up with the 3.55s you really arent gonna hook with a steeper gear. But, if your on dr's or slicks or really sticky street tires you should see an improvement.
  3. I can barely tell the difference in them. I don't think you'll see any time difference :shrug:
  4. I got a 13.8 at 99 with the 3.55 gears with a 1.7 60Ft on my netto drags will they help my car at the top end