3.73 made me slower?

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  1. Hey, i just had 3.73 gears installed and it some how made my 1/4 time slower, i tried basically everything when i had my stock gears installed to get my time down wich was a 14.3, now i can only run a 14.4, Thought these were a good way to drop your time down, Im not losing traction, at the begining of the day it was really hot but by the time i did my last run it was completely cooled off. All i can think of is having to shift one extra time is throwing my time off. I know i dont shift that slow though... Any thoughts and should i call up the guys that did the gears and ask what they think?

    Thanks for your time, Jeff :(
  2. Just remembered i had my timing pretty high up there to help with those stock gears, maybe bringing it back because it revs faster would help?
  3. timing is not an issue, what are you shifting at(rpm), and are you powershifting it?
  4. you probably need to get used to the gears
  5. I tried shifting at redline, 5000, 5200 and 5500, I have not infact tried power shifting, just speed shifting, i guess thats something to try out next ha ha ha. At what point should i attempted to power shift? 5 grand seeing as its going to jump? Still expected a little increase in speed, my 60 foot droped almost 2 tenths. but that was about it.
  6. Also would drag radials be of any benefit over my toyo Proxes 4? Or would i have to buy slicks to actaully make a diffrence worth the $$ of new wheels and tires.

    Thanks again for any help.

    as for my mods incase that helps CAI, Shortie Headers, catback exhaust (still have the four cats on there) 3.73's and thats about it.
  7. My guess is your using the stock cam, correct? The same thing happened to me.
    Rule of thumb for stock cammed 5.0's.

    Aod = 373
    5spd = 355's

    I had 373's and went to 410's and went slower!:(
    It's too much gear for the cam, PERIOD!
  8. What was your MPH from before the 3.73's and after? Just b/c you put taller gears in does not mean you will automatically get a faster time, you still have to drive the car right and with the difference in times you posted that can be from many different factors from weather to how you drove it. I gained 3-5 MPH when I switched to 3.73's from 3.27's
  9. you should get the car dynoed so you can look at your graph to see at what rpms to shift at.
  10. i tried to stay in third all the way through and hit redline by the line, but there is no power up there, so i shifted into fourth and got close to my stock gears 1/4th of 97 mph. Thanks for the help guys, Dyno is a great idea. was thinking of doing that just to see where im at.

    Here is my best with stock gears and here was my best from last night. 1/4

    Stock gears

    R/T .377
    60' 2.317
    1/8 9.333
    MPH 77.97
    1/4 14.364
    MPH 97.42

    3.73 Installed

    R/T .187
    60' 2.207
    1/8 9.333 <- How that happend i dont know (Check above time)
    MPH 76.68
    1/4 14.440
    MPH 96.37
  11. wierd. maybe you because you spun more? but then your trap would be higher..hmm. i had 2:73's stock an went to 3:55's as they are suposed to be the best all around gear.

    with 2:73s i ran best of [email protected] and thats with a 2.1 60ft
    with 3:55s so far i ran a best of [email protected] an again with a 2.1 60ft

    i know i can get a higher trap with better tuning and a distributor, since mine right now not kickin max advance in till almost 4800rpms. this is all with 13 degrees of timing and stock heads/cam.
  12. That's actually very odd. I figured it would at least pick up a little mph. I'm not sure why the gears didn't seem to help, but the car definitely has 13s in it. The 2.2 60 needs a lot of work. Go with a set of drag radials, they will hook plenty hard. The older style bfg's and the M/T Et Streets both work really well. I have the bfg's on my car and they made me bog on a 4500 rpm launch and on a rev limiter launch broke an axle so I'd say they work decent. They work excellent on the street too. With a good burnout and some prep they will dead hook on the street. I can stand on it in first and powershift 2nd and they won't even think of spinning. They seem to like around 15psi in them.
    The other thing I would do asap is get rid of that 4 cat h-pipe. That's probably one of the biggest bolt-on corks in these cars stock. Get a high-flow catted or off-road mid pipe.
    You could definitely try powershifting, but to be honest the t5 will not like it after a while. You don't have to change your shift point. Just shift where you normally would but keep it on the boards, stab the clutch and shift it as hard as you can. If you do it correctly the rpms should not raise more than a couple hundred.
    With a midpipe, powershifting and a 1.x 60ft I think you'll see high 13s at around 100mph.
  13. Thats what i was thinking, i wanted to get some nice Drag rad. but didnt know if that would be any good, nice to know they actually hook! Im going to see about that and mess around with a few other things, i really want those cats gone.
  14. Not the first time I have heard or seen it.

    Keep working at it!
  15. That last statement is too broad... We ran an 11 second stock cammed car with 4.30s and it LOVED them. My brothers car has a stock cam and ran 12.17 with 3.55s. Has 4.10s now, and should run quicker this season... I have also wanted to try 4.10s on my car see if they help it any.

    My guess is driver error. If you shifted right before the line, that might explain the mph drop. Just going to have to learn how to drive it with the new gears, and the times should drop.
  16. Well my first time out with the gears, still need to figure out when to shift, I have noticed that it feels like after 3 grand it starts to level out. There are a few things i can do that should fix this problem, thanks for all the help :) I'll post on here next friday to tell you guys what i tried and post the time slip.
  17. You will definitly be in the 13's w/ DR's! Drag Radials will help lower you 60ft time netting you a better ET. They should get you down to 1.9-1.8, this will have you in the high 13's.
  18. Got rid of those cats and got rid of those four chamber flow masters, went with a single and it sounds way better! D/R and im off to the track! lol.....if only money was that easy to get.
  19. based on those 60 ft times i would say that drag radials would do wonders for you...2.2 and 2.3's aren't the greatest...get those to a 1.8 and youll see much better results...
  20. car hooked good and i got down to a 14.1, had a stang guy there help me adjust my timing and all i have to say is wow, Completely diffrent car. Next week im getting D/R's should be seeing 13's easy... i didnt even power shift for that 14.1 and it was my first pass with the new timing. I could have done better but it started to rain.....why portland why....


    Thanks stangler! :flag: