3.73 made me slower?

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  1. Update, the prostars show up tomorrow. Going to take them to a friends house and see if we cant get them to work ;p

    Then Wednesday im going to the track and seeing if the rain will stop for a pass or two! Going to be cool air so that should be fun. Making sure everything is working good and then heading out around 7:00pm. Going to PIR for the last race of my season, if they stay open.

    Im actually going to post pictures of the wheels and the calipers and what "I" had to do to get them not to rub. Should be cool :)

    Then for the off season im building up a new DD so i can get the stang ready for its low 11's to high 10s days. Think im going to try more boost and less timing. Might save the block for another season :)

    Have fun guys and dont sell the stangs! Everyone does it around this time..its just a cycle, you are going to be happy when you dont when the sun busts out next season :flag:
  2. I'm going with the "pull the motor and trans" method so I won't be able to try and sell it this winter.

    Anyone want to buy a roller?haha jk
  3. Thats a good idea :nice:

    Also ripping out the interior to re do it is a good way to keep it too :)
  4. Yes you defiantly have the go fast bug:D:rlaugh:

    As bad as I have seen:nice:
    I think you have surpassed my budget for the year in drag racing expenses...:nice:

    Keep up the progress....your thread may surpass the "journey to oblivion thread" or whatever it is called:eek:.

  5. Jeez this thread is long... It's just kinda funny that your first post is about trying to better a 14.x et, and now your in the 11's. Keep it up man!
  6. Thanks everyone! Its replies like these that keep me going! Im not joking, Once i have a DD and i dont have to fear driving 20 miles in the snow to work i can really get this thing going :)

    Im going for it though, got the spacers for the wheels and going to grind some front brakes ;p

    Should be fun :D

    I used to update with what i've done in the past weeks so you dont have to read through the whole thing but it never gets old going back to when i had 4 mods and was just trying to break into the 13's.

    Thanks again guys! :flag:
  7. I didnt like the looks of the fronts and called it off, i could go and just use the rears but i figure I'll just wait ;p

    Mocked them up though and WOW, they look good. Makes the stang look pissed off like its going to kill something lol.

    I didnt feel safe grinding that much off my caliper, and seeing as these things take alot of stress. DD'ing on beat up brakes didnt sound safe! So I'll just go a different route, I'll post pics when i do that. But for now im going to go buy the 92 eagle talon and start its mods. It will be my 11 second DD. When i added up the entire build+car and it only came out to 3500-4000 I just about cried, but its still not a stang ;p

    If for some odd reason the sky wants to hold out I'll go friday. Wednesday was going to be 1/8th mile anyway.
  8. Sorry i have not posted anything as of late. Got switched over to the amazing 6pm to 6am shift which is amazing making it to camas washington from troutdale at 4pm :'( Any-who the stang is still alive! in one piece, i just had it stored for the winter. I couldn't get used to that Eaton diff i put in. (Just instantly locked up when i hit interstate lakes and threw the back end out)

    Pretty much didn't want all my money wasted because i had 315 nittos in the rain with a diff that worked so i bought a DD! Just happens to be white and the same interior as my car but its an Eagle Talon. Nice little awd turbo car that i ended up modding over the winter break and now its having issues!

    So to sum it all up, i have the stang and slicks and skinnies but i need to mod the front calipers to accept them. that's the only thing keeping me from going to the track....I know when i first bought the car id already had that done and had the roll cage getting ready to go in but now i need to waste money on the DD. I put a limit with the car though 380-400hp and I'm done with it.

    So if you didn't know where i went now you know. Working a lame shift but I'm off of it on the 25Th! I will have a video of the car going down the track and then i will also have the video of me getting kicked out of the track :D which is all good. Hope i get some motivation to get that car down to PIR soon. seems like the other car is sucking my attention away from the amazingness of the mustangs :(

    Jeff B.
  9. shoulda got 4.10's !!!!!!
  10. lol if i got 4.10s id be out of gear by the quarter! already getting close to 6 grand with my 3.73's!

    (Theres quite a bit more done to it now then there was before) :D
  11. I JUST READ THIS WHOLE THREAD..AND CONGRATS!! I seen from the start when U were fighting with dropping into the 13's.. and now your runnin 11's.. enjoy the boost!!! LOL.. Congrats man, and, you stuck for life w/ the bug.. now you will say you arent done till you just get one 10 second pass...LOL... Awesome stuff man!!
  12. Thanks man! It has been alot of fun and yes i have to go 10's with this set up! I had to drive it for the last few days and i think the mustang just got my attention back...Its so fast and 5th gear at 25 mph and it doesnt care...Its amazing!

    Im going to grind my brakes down tomorrow and see if i cant get to the track on friday. the weather looks amazing so nows my chance!

    again thanks for reading! I made this thread asking for help and now i hope it helps others!

    Jeff B.
  13. What still kills me is that your on stock block and internals. Congrats nonetheless. :hail2:
  14. gotta blow it up before i can build something amazing :) lol. Thanks!
  15. well i got one side grinded down and fit. both rears look like they will be okay (bought used so i didnt have the choice of size) tad bit on the big side but are snug. going to finish the other side and get some more methonal. Ran out awhile ago because it was just sitting there.

    Going to finish it up and next saturday if everything goes well i should be out there! I work this saturday or id go...and id go tomorrow but they have that oregon trail rally going on.

    Jeff B.
  16. The drag racing gods hate me! looks like i wont be able to get out there untill next month... Well heres hopping the weather actually does what its supposed to do and become sunny!
  17. Yeah, this weather is kinda pissin' me off too. I need a nice day to fix my stang, but not so nice that I want to take my new jetski out.

    My AOD vert ran a 15.8 last year, I'm interested to see how much change the 5 speed swap does. It's the only mod I did over the winter. Plus, I gotta get some seat time in my 91 notch to get it under control.
  18. seat time is really good! Get those nervse under controll and the shifting down. 2nd to third is a pain some times :rlaugh: Not anymore with the TKO 9butter shifts all day long and if you shift fast enough no loud bang :D unless you are downshifting lol.

    Well i plan on going the 5th possibly. if they are open and if i can get my stuff together lol.

    Have fun on the jetski. always wanted to ride on one ;p
  19. so i guess its time for an update? lol...headers are cracked being the cause of my crazy idle for a year now....i got to drive it with that header welded up and i fell in love with it again. But that lasted about one day. Update for times at the track, Really thinking my trans is having some issues lol...seems like when i pull some crazy 60 foot time i cant get it into third sometimes fourth. but for the end of the year i was able to pull a 11.70 with a bad 60 and then i pulled a 1.6 sixty foot! full weight car ac and everything and missed third....

    that was going to be my run i know it..they'd kick me out for not having the cage but nooo the drag gods didnt approve lol.

    so coming this month or next headers, re check everything and when it opens next year go for broke.

    (i completely made an evo look stupid off the line) and it was awesome.
  20. this is by far my favorite progress thread!