3.73 made me slower?

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  1. just spent my morning reading this entire thread... and somehow i did it while not actually noticing his sig to spoil the current/ending :D

    i only noticed the sig when he dyno'd with that much power

    Dizzy, have you done any suspension yet? the last pic i saw u still had a 4x4 gap :eek:
  2. Sorry Van D! this thing used to tell me when people posted on one of my threads...or at least i checked it alot. I have 90/10's up front and the 70/30's in the rear with eibach drag springs. it still had monster truck gap but after sitting awhile its dropped quite a bit and now sits perfect with the slicks i have, any lower and id rub! I still have no clue how i've gone this long without taking pics with the bigs n little's on at the track lol!
  3. Ooo i got a video though :D This was my first pass with slicks at 10 PSI cold. I learned that i need them around 8 PSI warmed up so my first 60' was horrible. i got a 1.6X almost a 1.5 my last run but i missed third and called it a night. that would have been my mid to low 11 second run and i coulda got kicked out lol...But this season im going to give it hell slow shift third and get my time. just need to set aside a nice day to do it ;p (The white car im racing is pulling a 1.6 sixty and its completely gutted. Im still full weight spare tire AC/power stearing all the goodies :) love my car!

    YouTube - ‪1995 Ford Mustang GTS‬‏
  4. and its back awesome
  5. Is it okay to res your own thread? Im still here, the car is still here I just got sucked into other hobbies. The Oregon dunes on a trx 450er and a crf450r, then the street with a Husaberg fs570 supermoto. I know i wont sell it but i feel bad it gets neglected with lack of driving around.

    Next season im going for the 11.49 time again and if i hit it i will start really thinking about getting rid of extra stuff that i dont need. and then adding a roll cage and going for 10's

    I missed you guys! And glad to have this for forum to get me through winter.

    Also this is now "Fox" 5.0 talk instead of just 5.0 talk so this is awkward >.>
  6. Just read this entire thread after work. Awesome job dizzy! Keep it up and go for broke next year!! Good luck.
  7. I was about to ask who digs up a 4 yr old thread..lol. O.P. has the right I suppose.
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  8. So which heads did you go with? I thought you were running the twisted wedges, but did you go with the AFR heads instead? Read it all, loved it all:p
  9. When my dad went from the 2.73 to the 3.73 the car seems to run out of rpm's in 1st way too soon. A lotta revs and no speed
  10. Went with the 165's.
  11. good thread was interesting reading all the improvements along the way good job! im jealous reading your hobbies i have a banshee and ride sand in south jersey always wanted to ride Oregon dunes anyway keep your thread going
  12. They get pretty big during winter, its fun to blast around out there and the tree shoots are amazing. Thanks! Next year im going for it, doing everything i have to for that time. If it blows it blows! Just hope it doesn't do it at the end of the track. I don't want to be that guy.
  13. Okay, finally got motivated enough to get everything back together. I should be hitting PIR within two weeks and then woodburn. i have a full 3inch exhaust now instead of that crimped smashed up catted thing i had before.