3.73 made me slower?

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  1. Holy crap! Nice job. I was expecting a nice short read on gears and couldn't stop. I just purchased a 92 GT and was hoping to do a few mods and take it to the track. Now I'm scared I'll get THE HP BUG. I also live in Oregon, but a little further south(Eugene area) and was hoping to convince the wife to go to Woodburn this summer. Looks like you definately need some serious slicks. Keep up the good work..
  2. thanks for reading and hopefully you got a few ideas of do's and donts ;p I was able to stay away from the hp bug while the track was open, i was more into what dropped E/T's vs what added X amount of hp. have fun at the track if you go and take some pictures! let me know what you think of it :)
  3. My car is "suppose to have some after market stuff done to it , but from what I was told it is mostly engine mods. It has some kind of gears just don't know which ones, it has an aluminum d/s, and one hell of a stiff clutch(Iwas told a stage 2). The mods I was told were R/R, some kind of cam, ported and polished upper and lower intake(don't even know if they are stock), MAF and throttle body(don't know what size), MAC headers w/no cats and BBK X-pipe and Flowmasters. It all "looks" stock under the hood(I think he was building a sleeper). It has a cracked header right now, so I have not even been able to see what it can do. Getting this fixed very soon.
  4. sounds like you have some research to do about your car! Couple runs at the track might help figure out a little about some of those mods ;p

    Hope your header install goes well!
  5. havnt kept up but the car ran a 11.75 @ 122, i slipped fourth gear pretty bad (this being the stock clutch still holding the power i was throwing at it) and i didnt let off! if you are going the stock clutch route if you feel some slip let off! because the clutch was fine. the clutch release bearing is what took the hit. so i replaced the pilot/clutch release bearings and stepped up to the RAM HDX (still not rated for my power) but i figure will do just fine for now. just need it back on the road. Picking the car up today and driving it a ton over the weekend. i will post what i think about the clutch and do the whole 500-1000 mile break in, any questions on it and how its holding up i will try to answer, like pedal presure and anything i dont like about it. then its suspension and see how far i can push these tires!
  6. Never got a chance to say what i think of the clutch, but so far complete garbage! lol... It feels alright actually, just not supposed to be pushed as hard as i do.

    it holds just fine for the power im making up its days were limited along with my trans. Upgrading to the TKO-600 so its back to sitting around and saving a bunch of cash :'(

    Next season, matching wheels! 12 pounds of boost and a new TKO set up!!! Oh yeah and some traction. ;p
  7. Lookin good bro! :nice: @ 122 mph you should have a faster ET then that. My buddy runs 125mph and is in the mid 10's! Great job, love your work! :nice:
  8. Feel bad im posting my updates in two places, but this one is more of my overall build and the other one was a chase for an E/T at the track, Going to put a liberty Faceplated TKO-600 in my car with a spec 3 clutch/alum. drive shaft, steeda tri-ax shifter and cant decide on a flywheel just yet. Cant decide over a billet steel or an alum. one.

    I will post videos if i can get it in before the track closes, should be soon though. its being shipped this week :D
  9. I'm running the older TKO (Redline fluids) with Centerforce D/F clutch, aluminum flywheel/driveshaft, Pro 5.0 shifter, UPR 3pc quadrant setup, 3.55 gears in a 87GT. I'm probably only making 270-290 rwhp but really like this set-up. Shifts nice and smooth (I have only driven it about 500 miles since engine and trans stuff was done). I don't have any exact dyno numbers or ET numbers yet as the car is still being completed but hopefully it will all be done by the spring time.
  10. Just got the TKO600/clutch/drive shaft in the mail :D

    Cant wait to get this thing in the car.

    Also while i was at it, bought matching front wheels!...new flywheel too :D

    I'll post some picks of it going into the car :D

    Also its not a FMS drive shaft, it was custom made from Drive line service in kansas. Its pretty light, was expecting it to weight alot.
  11. got the rest of the stuff besides a drive shaft spacer, need to see if i even need one with the custom drive shaft.




    Going to start and hopefully be done this weekend, might be able to make it out to the track and get atleast some 11.50's out of it. Then i can cage the beast :D
  12. It took me and my friend about 13 hours all together and we did it! Got it in and some how i was able to use my stock X-member...? Worked perfect. Took it for a drive and wow.... Going to have to re learn how to drive.

    Got matching front wheels now :rlaugh: But the center caps are different. I guess thats what i get for buying the wheels 7 months apart from eachother.

    We had a little fun while we were at it ;p





    Those are brembo break covers! And thats a rare EVO II spoiler. Also a shot of my new front wheels but we had to take a break. just working non stop was getting to be a pain in the ......

    This thing shifts pretty violent!
  13. Its not a good picture but its better then nothing :D Finally they match!

  14. random bit of information, i didnt have to modify my cross member at all, I dont (need) a drive shaft spacer but im getting one. I like the most surface area possible while dumping the clutch ;p
  15. Awesome rims!!! Love this thread! :nice:
  16. thank you GTO! Its getting there ;p, Im going back to PIR for the last time this season. I'll post some videos of it. Possibly a trans going boom! :rlaugh:
  17. Alright, a little update as to what has been going on with my car.

    My brakes have been really soft and at times not working! I figured i got massive bubbles in the lines from when i had my caliper off, But it wasnt. The brake Master Cylinder finally gave out on me. So i replaced it....And all i have to say is i never want to see/smell/touch brake fluid for atleast 6 months!

    But now its working great again! I used the Shucks $6 solo brake bleeding kit. It worked but bleh....pretty crappy design. But for $6 you cant beat it! wooo lol.

    Im going to the track tonight, Going for my 11.6x's or maybe a 11.50 on the nittos. Next season im going to have some draglites and some M/T slicks, That should fix my traction problem :)

    Alright, hope everyone has an awesome day!

    Jeff B.
  18. ran a 12.0 at 119. Glad the trans held up though :D Back to modding it!
  19. lol....Well you live and you learn... The vortech kit uses plastic and if you dont get it clamped down right they get hot enough and work their way out :rlaugh:

    So i ran a 12.0 with a massive leak of metered air...Didnt expect that to happen so i never checked!

    Well on friday im buying some axles and a new dif. staying with 3.73 gears and im going to try to borrow some slicks before the track closes.

    It'd be pretty fun to get kicked out the last time to the track for the winter :nice:

    Jeff B.
  20. Rear end is built now with a Eaton L/S and mosor hd axles, i went a little crazy and did 31 spline but i dont plan on stopping this build any time soon.

    Buying slicks. Bigs and littles :) Going to try to make it one last time before the season ends!

    My goal is low low 11's Im going to do a few 1/8th mile cut offs and then my last run go for it.

    I will have videos if nothing breaks!