3.73 or 4.10 gears

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  1. Got a 01 Mustang Cobra. Just wondering what gears to go with. I plan on supercharging it later. From what i have seen it is about 50/50 on what to go with. I plan on supercharging later so something that would go best with that. dont want to loose too mush traction in first. I have 285 Kumho supras in the rear :bang:
  2. i say 4:10 .. but thats just me
  3. From what I've been told, don't even waste your time with the 3.73's!

    I'm in the process of getting a MACH1 31-spline built with a 4.10 my 03 GT 5Spd. :banana:
  4. Does it effect the gas milege that much? I also need a streetable car
  5. very streetable gas millage isnt bad at all .. took mine on a 1200 mile trip last summer
  6. sounds good. Thanks for the help
  7. 4.10's

    I don't think you would notice an appreciable difference with the 3.73's. Many members on this board think 4.30's are the best for our cars.

    However if you supercharge, I believe the recommendation is not to gear that low.
  8. I have 373's, you will notice the difference. The car will be in the power band faster and more often when you shift.
    I am used to the 433's in my daily driver (a probe gt) and after a year with the 373's I think I shoulda gotten 410's or 430's. I think you'll get better milage with the 430's around town cause u can put the car in 5th at about 35mph. If you do alot of highway driving ( I put on 500 a week when I use the cobra as a daily driver) the difference form 327's- 373's is nothign to worry about, so I'd say don't be afriad of the 410's/430's....its prob like 1-3 mpg less.
  9. You are worried about gas milage and you are going to supercharge your car...Hmmm... :rlaugh:
  10. Go with 4:30's. Thats what I got. Do a search on here or corral about it. It pretty much seems to be the best gear for these cars, and if you take it to the track you can at least use 4th gear.
  11. Go with 4.10 minimum. I've got 3.73's, and while they are definitely better than stock, there's room for a lot more. I'm thinking of pulling my 3.73's and going 4.30's.

  12. :doh: :lol:
  13. just asking for advice not ridicule. thanks to the rest of you
  14. 430's are a much better track gear. I actually hit my 7700 rpm rev limiter as I cross the traps in 3rd gear with my 373's...it is the most annoying thing in the world. I shouldn't even be hitting it with the 373's anyway- I guess my car is an odd ball.

    Like I said be - 430's woudl be fine. No matter what you get you'll immediately notice how much easier it is to get the car going form a stop when driving around normally.
  15. If your going to Supercharge it then go 3:73 or even 3:55(If your really going to S/C to the limit).

    I know from Friends car who were not happy after supercharging and having Big gears.

    I installed an S trim on my buddys 93 and it is putting down 522 at the wheels.
    He dumped his 3:73's for 3:27's
  16. Not trying to ridicule you, but if you are worried about gas milage with lower gears, then you shouldn't supercharge your car because your gas milage will really go south with that on there...Believe it or not, people usually don't lose much MPG when they go to 4.10's or 4.30's on their car, mainly because they can drive around town in 5th without having to downshift all the time to 4th or 3rd thus saving gas...

    And I've heard both sides for supercharged cars, 4.10's and 3.73's are great gears for that...but for N/A, 4.30's for street/strip 4.10's for street/occational strip...
  17. First off....someone said 3.55 or 3.73. NO WAY. You will hate your decision. I could see 3.73 on a roots blower since you see almost instant boost, but on a centrifical blower these gears are a WASTE of money.

    Some other things I'll comment on:
    1. Your gas mileage will improve in theory. But are you really going to put a blower on and then never go WOT. :shrug: My car isn't a daily driver and when I drive it I drive it to have fun. Won 6 races over the last week without even trying :nice: Gas mileage will depend on driving style.

    2. If you put the blower on and want to actually get the power to the ground, you NEED to get some drag radials for the street. I would vote on Nitto's since it's a daily driver and you will want some miles out of them. I now have BFG's, and I'll be happy to get 5,000 miles out of them.

    3. I would vote on 4.10 gears for you. I have 4.30's, but my Viper T56 transmission also has a 2.66 first gear versus your 3.3X (can't remember exactly) so for me, it's like having a 4.10 in the car in first gear. Hope that makes sense.

    I had 4.10's in the car when I still had the IRS and T45 trans and it was a lot of fun but I still wanted more.

    4.10's all the way, or 4.30 if you are ready to get some big sticky tires.

  18. Wasn't trying to ridicule you. Just thought it was funny that you're worried about MPG from gears, yet you mentioned possibly putting a S/C on your car :scratch: .
  19. 4.10's or 4.30's I have 4.10's on mine and would not consider anything lower than a 4.10
  20. i went 4.10s their the best thing ive done so far
    but 430s wouldnt make that much more of a diffrence