3.73 or 4.10s for my V6 auto?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Jimp, May 8, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to make my car a little quicker off the line, which gears do you suggest? Anyone have either of these gears in a V6 auto yet? I'm also thinking of getting a T-Lok.
  2. im goin w/ 3.73s

    on my v6er. my pops has them in his 5.0 & they turned out pretty well for him. 4.10s come highly recommeded if u have a manual like i do. but for your auto id go w/ 3.73. id get the 4 series but id like to somewhat keep the decent gas mileage that my car gets. lemme know how it turns out when u get them.
  3. i think youve got your advice backwards there. im not sure if there is a gear choice difference with the new 4.0's but with the older v6s the popular vote is usually 3.73 for manual and 4.10 for auto. this is due to the fact that the autos have a higher ratio stock gear than the 5spd's to compensate for the tranny. in turn a 5spd will feel a greater kick out of the 3.73s than an auto will so most auto owners choose 4.10s.
  4. In my opnion I would go with FRPP 3.73's.
  5. this probably doesnt apply but I also have an 04 Explorer Sport Trac. It also has the 4.0 liter engine, I am not sure if it is the same transmission though. It came with 4.10 gears.
  6. I do know that previous mustangs came with a taller gear (low 3s) so going to a 3.73 was a big difference. I believe the new ones come with a 3.55 or 3.31 (auto only?) so steppin up to a 3.73 would barely be noticed.
  7. How much gas mileage loss are we talking here with the 3.73?
  8. I would be suprised if you noticed much of a difference with going with a 3.73. Your city mileage would probably increase, and your highway would decrease. So if you have split driving, it would most likely stay the same.
  9. I have 4.10 in my auto '03 V8. You can't beat them for super torque. I'd say that they would be great for a V6.

    Gas will suffer somewhat. At least, it has for me. Then again, you are driving a V6 as opposed to my V8, so I'm not sure if it would effect you as much or not.

    If you are really worried about gas, I would go 3.73. But if you really want some torque, go 4.10.

    Sometimes I wish I would've thrown 4.30 in my auto. :)
  10. 4.10s seem to be the popular gear whether for auto or manual. I dont think Ive heard of anyone yet going 3.73s in an auto. The stock gears are 3.55 so I really doubt youd ever notice a difference. Personally the T-lok is unquestionable to me. I dont know what Ford was thinking by not putting one in a car like this. If you upgrade the gears, I would defintly go with the T-lok. You're going to lose a lot of rubber if you dont, and that back right tire is going to break loose ALOT. I dont think I have to go into how dangerous that would be.

    Keep in mind the associated HP loss with shorter gears. Someone at TMS reported a 10 rwhp loss with 4.10s in a v6 auto. For the torque, more than acceptable in my book.