3.73's and highway speeds

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  2. I like the gears in my car... I have been driving the car since June and nothing broke yet. No oil leaks that I can find on the ground yet either. Gears should be the FIRST mod done to a Mustang to make it feel a lot faster.
  3. 5spd GT is one of those guys that wont quit until he has the last word. You get so damn technical and try to be so politically correct. Its like hanging out with those people who always think they are right, and if they arent they have a ****fit. Now post about how much better and more correct you are please.
  4. I'm better and correct :shrug:

    Anyways...I don't let answers be so cut and dry when some misleading info is given. Want examples?
  5. I agree:nice:

    The gears aren't going to make you start getting an oil leak :p


    A higher revving engine will cause more wear...I never said it would be significant or negligible. I said it causes more wear with all variables being equal. So I guess I'm "wrong" for saying that eh?
  6. I've got 4.30's in mine and have taken it to Connecticut 3 times (2 hour ride each way) and to New Hampshire's New England Dragway 5 times to race (2.5 hour ride each way) from Massachusetts and regularly take it on 1 hour excursions up the highways. It's usually in the left lane at 3,000 rpms. I believe that is around 80 miles an hour (on a 26 inch tall tire with an overdriven Tremec 3550.)

    I don't worry about the rpms as 3,000 rpms in my combo is at the beginning of my power band. On the dyno, I begin to make power at 2,400 rpms and continue to make it all the way up to 6,400 rpms. So, 3 grand is nothing to me. Of course other combos will be different.

    All I know is that I love my 4.30's and don't regret buying them. If you want to go fast you have to compromise. There's Pro's and Con's to every decision you make!

    Just my input to this topic.
  7. I'm in your corner 100% :nice: ... I like the 'switching the adjectives' line = funny :)

    The points that they make can be valid as well as the points we are trying to make ...
    The difference is some want people that know what we know, to think like they think, but they aren't willing to meet half-way ... that's okay, this discussion will go on forever because they will continue trying to get the last word and then bash you for doing the same ... hmm, that is the hypocrisy I see :nice:

    We all agree more RPM's will create more wear in time slot X?
    Then the only question is how much faster?

    Just a curious question: If gear set A spins 3K r's @ 70 and gear set B spins 2K @ 70 ... I would say the oil pump alone is spinning 1/3 more every time you "cruise" down the freeway .... wouldn't you.

    It's all about application and from the indications of the original poster I would 'guess' he has a stockish setup, I don't see how 4.30's are going to benifit him when he already has a chip about 3.73's.
  8. :nono: No, car A's oil pump is spinning 1/2 (50%) more than car B's, not 1/3.
    Car B's oil pump is spinning 1/3 less than car A's oil pump, however.
  9. 2100rpm @ 65mph. 225-60R-16

  10. dont bother with 5 speed. he wont listen.. we had a similar argument on the 4.6 board.. he told me i don't have 4.10's so i should keep my opinion too myself.. :rolleyes:

    i have installed gears in many mustangs for people.. esp back when i had a garage.. from 3.08's on up...

    BTW 5 speed my 4.10's are going in as soon as i feel like it..
  11. Lol...

    Just post the thread down...
  12. Don't Fear The Gear! There are NUMEROUS people on these boards who use 4.10's or 4.30's (some even 4.56's) in their quest to improve quarter mile times. High rev's on the freeways are a byproduct of better times in the quarter mile. With today's transmissions and their overdriven gears, it's a lot easier to use steeper rear gears.

  13. I should have worded my post better. What I ment was when you increase the engine speed (like adding gears does) there is a possibility that the higher gear speed will wear out your oil seals a little more. That is what I ment... But in my case I haven't found any leaks after two months.

    I am still happier now than I was previously.
  14. Right, my bad ... but did you get the point?
  15. Oh that part of the post wasn't in response to you. I got your post with no problems:nice:
  16. Imagine running a 156,000 mile Chevy Bel Air 4 door with a 2 bbl 283, Powerglide, 3.36 gears and 14 in. wheels at 65mph. I have no idea what it was turning at those speeds, but guess what...17 mpg and ran like a champ. Yeah, it used a little oil but you would too if your valve stem seals were over 20 year old (circa 1988) and at full throttle you'd barely see a puff of smoke. Bascially, those cars were designed to run at speeds of 70 mph (+/- 5) and that car could have run forever at those speeds given continual scheduled maintenance. My Mustang feels like it's getting more engine wear with the new 3.55's, but I'm sure it's not going to kill it any more than my continual runs to 5500 rpm from idle :eek:
  17. I guess what we all need to realize is:
    The engine wear associated with swapping from 2.73's to 3.73's is perfectly acceptable.
    The engine wear associated between 3.73's and 4.10's or even 4.30's should weigh very heavily in your decision making.
    Unless you drive your mustang daily, and it's your only vehicle, your opinions/experiences and observations have little merit.
  18. 2.73's rule :nice:
    3.73's suk :notnice:

    :banana: :banana:
  19. I agree :nice:
  20. I have 2.73's. I would like to have the 3.08's. Is it worth the total expenditure of $400 or so? Just a little more oomph is all I need.