3.73's and highway speeds

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  1. wrong thread.....
  2. Stangar - 327's would be a better jump...but I think 3:55's would give you a better kick and you would feel that it was worth $400 bucks. Know what I mean?

  3. depends on your purposes...if you dig high speed cruise-2.73's are great, but not the best in the acceleration department...I liked having my 3.73's (currently running 3.27's due to axle swap), it felt pretty good to walk a WRX STi up to about 100 when I let off...not good to race in the area I was in :nono:
  4. You could always factor in torque converters as well, 3000 stall in mine, im starting to wish i would've went with a tremec 6 speed for mine for a few more grand, but i dunno how bad i'd be going through clutches.

  5. have you had your gauges fixed?
  6. :stupid:
  7. I was being a wise azz ...
    I think only the guys that live in BFE would want 2.7's to putt along at 100 on long, open, deserted roads.

  8. gotcha... :D
  9. umm ok

    I didn't say that 4 cylinders HAVE to be over 3k, I said MOST DO.

    That IS true; as a matter of fact, I bet a poll of people with 4 cyl cars would show that a majority see around 3k at 70.

    i'm done with this
  10. I have 3.55's and turn 2000 rpms @ 70mph and 2350 rpms @ 80mph

    I have a Tremec TKO-600 with the .64 overdrive gear....I'm not sure how different that is to the t-5 overdrive
  11. T-5 is .68 and the T-5Z is .63

    That's whats great about aftermarket ... options.
    That's the way to do it, short axle gears and a tall O.D

    If you don't have the tall O.D. then imo it's better to stay moderate.

  12. So the poll would show "around" or above 3k? Which one...there is a difference.

    You put "almost all" by the way...not most do. There is a difference as well IMO.

    What is that 4 cylinder's redline though? :)
  13. I'm about 3k at 75mph in my 4cyl beater. 5500 rpm redline :cool:
  14. Grn92lx - About?
  15. what are you talking about?

  16. This...

    So about what?

    I'm sure many realize it looks better to put "for only $19.95 you can have..." than for "$20.00 you can have"...get my drift?

    So is it 2,800rpm or 3,000rpm or what?
  17. Rarely drive that fast, so I don't recall exactly. I will try tomorrow and if I get a ticket, i'll mail it to ya :cool: I usually don't go past 70. 70 is 2700 rpm. If I get a chance to hit 75 tomorrow, i'll let ya know. My dad's car will do about 75 @ 3300 rpm. His rev's higher than mine (twin cam saturn, mines a single cam saturn) Oddly enough he gets better mileage, but I think thats due to my completly broken exhaust right after the header.
  18. This is my 1st post but im from mississippi. My mother got sick so i came to texas where she live about 1000 mile away. i drove my 89 331 stroker here and when i pull into the drive way my car it die. the next day i took it to the shop the motor was shot becuase i drove 1000 mile at 75-80mph this is what they said. Well i had the money to get fix so i did. well the day i was going to pick it up. they park it out side on the street and someone hit it and total it bad luck.
  19. the shop is full of crap.
    i drove mine from outside of Maine to Phoenix AZ, 3502miles, stopping only for gas/sandwich to go, driving 80+mph in daylight and 100+mph at night...
    48 non stop hours later... car had used no oil, had not come close to overheating, and averaged just over 24mpg... this with 3.73's.

    the 1000 miles at 75-80 was not the what broke the motor, the motor had something wrong with it to begin with.
  20. Welcome to StangNet
    Sorry to hear about your car :(
    The shops going to reimburse you for parking it in an unsafe location right?
    Hope your mom's doing okay.

    What gears did you have in the azz of 'er?
    I could see a poorly balanced assembly with 4.56's running it 80 ...... maybe.