3.73's installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Well I finally got my 3.73's and Trans-go kit installed.The car behaves totally different.The only mods I have in the car are ,stock h-pipe exhaust with Flow-Masters,Densecharger cai,PI stall converter,3.73 gears and a trans-go shift kit.Ive been a GM guy my hole life,this is my first Ford,although I always liked the 5.0's because of the way they sounded.So tell me something stangnetters,Why are these little 225 HP cars so FREAKIN QUICK!!!!!!! I mean there lite,but not that light,plus Im 220 lbs. I really love driving this car!!!
  2. told you you would like it. They are quick cause they are light and they have good tourque.
  3. So how much faster does it feel?? I'm puttin 4.10's in my aod car this weekend and I was just wondering, thanks for the help.....
  4. Hi Mike,Wow,the only thing left to do (I wanna keep it simple) is to get a good cam.Yup ,you were rite!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ILL tell ya what,if I didnt do so much highway driving Id go with 3.90's or 4.10's although youd have to do a little work to the motor so it wouldnt run out of rpm at the end of the 1320!!
  6. i sent u pm about a cam i have for sale
  7. You shouldnt run out of gear with 3.90s.
    With 4.10s just use a little taller tire if u dont want to work on the motor
  8. OK cool,Im new on this sight,Im not sure how to see the pm?
  9. Got it Mike.
  10. what do you think
  11. I sent u a pm,yea,it sounds pretty cool!
  12. Hey, would ya let me know how that goes and how much your speedo is off by. Who did you get your gears from? Thanks

  13. The car pulls pretty hard,the speedo is way off.( about 25 mph)Im getting that fixed next week.The gears are from Ford!!
  14. Hey Mike,what gears do you have?Were those 12.60's done with slicks,and do you have an aod or 5speed?
  15. willys1, what stall speed do you have on your converter? Also what rpm are you at at 70mph? I'm planning on doing a gear change also but can't make up my mind on either 3.55, 3.73 or 4.10. I have 3.27 gears now from the factory.

  16. I have 3.73s. But i launch at 5000 rpm with a 5 speed and i have a lot of bolt ons
  17. Willy; I've got the 3.90's and I'm not even close to running out of rpm in the 1/4. I could have gone 4.30 or so and still had something to play with.

    Kurt; don't even think of the 3.55's. Not nearly enough gear for street/strip unless you are planning on a blower and even then it is still a little low. 3.73 are nice, 4.10 better and 3.90 are a good compromise. With my 3.90's, I'm turning around 2300 or so at 70.
  18. willys - glad you like it. Be careful of the lure of the 'cam'. If your motor is mostly stock there are very few off the shelf cams that will actually help overall performance. Most all of the common off the shelf cams are designed to work with aftermarket heads, intakes and exhaust systems. Even then, they make less bottom end torque than the stock set up does. Put one of those in a stock engine, and it will absolutely kill the bottom end performance - which is what you like so much about yours.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sounds like you've got it running great. Be REALLY careful about the cam decision.
  19. Hi kurt'I have aPrecision Industries torque converter(stallion) its a 2800 stall speed converter.Its a little pricey,but well , worth it!Im not sure Im the guy to ask about gears,but I just got my 3.73's installed and the cars a total BLAST to drive.But if your willing to go up to 4.10's,then I would seriosly consider 3.90's.Thats just my 2-cents!
  20. DUDE,2300 rpm at 70!!!!!!!!!!Wow,Im not sure what Im doing at 70 mph yetmy speedo is really off--LOL,I do 126 miles round trip to work 5 days a week,thats why I stayed with 3.73's.Is that an aod your running??