3.73's installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Mike,THANKS for the feed back!! I WILL keep that in mind,Thanks!!!Hey Just viewing your rides,that Suzuki sounds "HOT"!!!But Dude,A Volvo???????????
  2. Volvo====sleeper
  3. Imagine this at a street light in your rice burner...."watch this man im going to smoke this volvo" little does he know that in presisely 2 seconds his friend in the passenger seat of the rice rocket will be laughing at him cause he got his doors blown of by a small block ford "volvo"......................LOL YOUNT
  4. Thanks Mike - actually, no one EVER pulls up and contemplates smoking the Volvo - because, well, it's a Volvo. They usually don't even SEE it. Which means you have another advantage. You always get a big headstart while they look around and go 'What the hell was that?" And the Honda-generation is great for pulling up at the next light with this question -- "Dude, is that a turbo?" Willys - it may look different than you think-pm me with your email address if you want to see a pic.
  6. how tall of a tire is good for 4.10 gears, i was considering going with 4.10 gears? 28 inch? if so how can you tel lthe size on a 15 inch rim or 16 inch rim?
  7. The size should be on the sidewall of the tire if thats what you mean. 28 inch is to much tire for a stock motor. 26 would be the max for that much power. You should not run out of gear in the 1/4 with a 26.
  8. how much did you guys pay for your gear install??? i was looking into getting them but someone told me that to get them installed it costs a lot...

    merry christmas!!!
  9. I was quoted $200 for labor to get my gears installed and have the traction lock rebuilt.
  10. Thats a really good deal... I forgot how much i paid.. but it was over $300.
  11. Prices for the work are all over the board. It depends on how 'hungry' the shop/mechanic are for work as well as how 'hungry' the customer is to have it done soon, and exactly what work the shop does. If it's just a gear swap, if it's a total rebuild, if the traclok is also rebuilt, etc. I've seen labor prices from $150-$350.
  12. This is true, I was quoted $700 by a local mustang shop also. :nonono:
  13. I know of a few places here in NJ that charge 400-450 for the gears and labor.Last month Laroccas was running a special for 400 beans
  14. I just had 3.73's installed tuesday,the guys a local around here and has been racing and working on race cars for 39 years.I paid 525 for the gears and labor,the car only has 28.000 miles on it,so I didnt need to rebuild anything.Its a pretty good investment,I went from 2.73' to 3.73's,it behaves like a totally different car.Well worth the 525!!
  15. That reminds me....I came across this little article in a 1996 edition of 5.0 Mustang I had lying around, while doing a little bathroom reading one day. I'd always wondered if this was yours? Did you get it done through the same company, or was the transplant something you cooked up on your own?

    Either way…you’ll be getting a PM from me too. Love to see the pics :nice:
  16. Mmmmmmm .........sleeper
  17. Mine was converted by the original owner of the car in 1996 using a Converse kit - the kind described in the article. Other than the dual exhaust, you'd've never known that he did anything to it by looking at it - of course if you rode in it you'd get a different impression. I've taken it in a different direction.
  18. -----------JUICE????
  19. Willys1: Did you get the transgo AOD-HP kit with the high rev gov. in it? I really like mine with my edge 2600 converter. Anyways if you did set it up that way just wonder how high yours revs when it's in 3rd at wot from 1-2 and 2-3. Mines is probably an actual 5700 ish now but that's when the shifter is in 3rd.. if you put it in OD it will shift about 3-500 rpms shorter and is completely different. Stock it would shift 48-5000 usually. With the 3.27's it shifts very clean and precise but by no means harsh when shifting and I was just wondering how yours compared if you have the aod-hp kit. I really like mine as well.
  20. Ponyboy,yes when the kit was installed I had the option of installing rev. gov., Im gonna try it this way first.Question:the only thing that does,is the tranny actually shifts at a higher RPM on its own.does that sound right.rite now it shifts from 2-3 at about 5100.But Im really thinking about getting tha B&M Hammer shifter.