3.73's installed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I would definetly put the gov in it. no doubt about that.

    The high rev gov will make it shift at about 55-5700 rpms in D on the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts when you put it to the floor boards and hold it there on it's own. In OD it may raise it a couple hundred but not as much as in D. My tranny really comes alive when it's locked D. I too plan on a hammer shifter but with the stock shifter and shifting it on my own, at the track it was more consistant, shifts felt cleaner, and the car was faster letting the tranny do it's job on it's own. I can't say enough about the gov. I really like it even with a hammer shifter I see a place for the rev. gov. IMO. It's nice to be cruising on the street and drop it into D and hammer it down into second and let it rev up to about 5700 to shift into 3rd compared to the stock 48-5000 rpms. To be honest i bought the car with the AOD so the wife could drive it and the tranny blew out 700 miles later. I decided to to spend some cash to rebuild it with good internals, converter, and transgo and although I would have probably gone with a 5spd if it wasn't for the wife, I really am liking this AOD now.
  2. Yea,but 5700rpm is to much for a stock motor,dont ya think??
  3. Gearbanger - you're email address won't accept any email from me at all - I thought the attachments were too big, but even my short message telling you I couldn't get the attachments through came back. Sorry.
  4. Willys1,
    Do not feel like the Lone Ranger when it comes to leaving Chevy's for a Stang. I did the same and I have not looked backed, nor will I ever. My buddies all talk trash to me until I offer to hand there backside to them in the cars. It is so funny to listened to them rant and rave and then I tell them to put thier car where thier mouth is and they back off. :rlaugh:
    Glad to see that you too have now seen the light. :D
    Good luck and Enjoy! By the way, I had my gears installed and the trak rebuilt for about the same, $525.00
  5. No not at all IMO. it shifts between 55-5700rpms.. if it was a 5 spd you'd shift about 5-600 over peak power anyways and 55-5800 is where a lot of guys have success racing a 5 spd on a stock/near stock stang. on the street and for passing it's perfect on my near stock stang.. I use to hate when it would shift around 48-5000 before, or right when the motor started making it's peak power. you can see my times in my sig and notice not much other than exhaust and pulleys. she'd do 14.0-13.9's with slicks and a little higher launch i'm sure and that's with 3.27's in it. I can't wait for 4.10's :) Just my opinion but 55-5700 is perfect on a stock cam set up.
  6. When the guy installed it,he called me when he got to that part,I wasnt sure.So he said try like this and we could always change it later.So I still have the ption!
  7. yeah i'm just giving you some insight on my opinions and first hand experience with it.
  8. I know,thanks,your really giving me the itch to put it in!!Its just I heard alot of people say a stock 5.0 stops making power at 5500.
  9. just remember you want to shift into the next gear past peak power so that when it falls into the next gear it's right at the start of your power band and pulls through it in that gear as well.. if you motor makes peak power at 48-5000 and you shift right then, when you come into your next gear your way below that and it falls on it's face until the rpms build up and get into your power range again. That's why shifting at 55-5700 rpms (just like the 5 speeds do) is good because when you come into 2nd or 3rd your higher in your power band and motor is already making power you don't have to rev into it.., that with your converter :nice: again IMO
  10. yup, I get it!Whats the power band on a stock 5.0?
  11. PonyBoy,Its stuck in my head now,I want to install the hp part.Ya know,these freakin Mustangs,its like a sickness,all I wanna do is put more mods on it!!!Its like what Tim Allen says,, MORE POWER< AARRGGHH<<AARRGGHH<<AARRGGHH

  12. :D i think putting that on is a smart choice, but i'm bias :). and your completely right about it being a sickness, actually it's more like disease that is hard to get rid of.. but who'd want to get rid of it, it's way to much fun?
  13. Yea no kidding,its a BLAST! Im thinking about a cam,M.Vount has one to sell me,I gotta find out the Lift,and duration,then 17 CobraR's then some drag suspension,then a 5psi boost from a paxton,thenBassini exhaust,then a cd player then Boss stripes, then....................................................................................................................................................
  14. oops,sorry Mr.Vount,I meant the other Mike
  15. yeah I wouldn't swap the cam unless you swap/port your stock heads. the stock heads and cam are a pretty good match. at one time i had the stock heads, cam, and throttle body, i added a performer intake, pulleys, exhaust, gears, and every bolt on i could find.. ran mid 13's on street tires with a full weight 95 at 102.5 mph. would have like to seen it with some slicks. The E7TE heads only flow so much and the stock cam takes pretty good advantage of them, not to mention the stock valve springs can't handle much more lift if you have over 80-90k miles on them.
  16. Then again,Im in love with all this low end torque,I could loose it if I change the cam.Na my motor has real low mileage,Would I gain any power(how much) by installing roller rockers?
  17. yeah you would gain a little bit, maybe 7-10 hp with a set of 1.7 roller rockers but again i have heard if you have around 90k+ miles then the 1.7's may be to much for the stock springs. just depends. you said your motor has low mileage so i wouldn't worry about it.. i'd ditch the stock stamped 1.6's and order a set of crane bolt down roller 1.7's. from your original post it sounds like you are just begining so what i would do is this.

    1 5/8 equal length headers
    Off road H pipe, or high flow catted if you get the car tested
    underdrive pulleys
    maf, the pro-m 75mm bullet is a good bang for the buck
    a cold air intake set up, if you haven't already i would take the stock air silencer out now.
    bump the timing to 14 degrees
    set the tps
    and get all you can for as little as possible. search the stangnet and corral classifieds and buy some of the non breakable parts used and set it up so all you can do next is head,cam, intake. and I like to add the intake on even with the stock heads and cam (with a performer, cobra, streat heat, or simular long runner intake) you get a nice 15-20 hp boost still will building on the low end aspect of the combination. then do the heads and cam all at the same time. that's how i snowball my builds usually over the coarse of a couple years. You'll be surprised at how fast you can go with a simple combination and your aod and converter that's done up nice
  18. Thanks for all the advice PonyBoy,I got most of the small stuff,I think Ill look into an intake,I dont know alot about 302's or any Ford,so Probably the Cobra,or the performer will be my best bet.The best things about these cars is the little add ons,you can actually tell the difference,like my cold air intake(Densecharger) I could feel and hear the difference.And even when I took the factory muffs. off and put Flowmasters on I felt a difference!The gears,and converter forget about,that was a major league difference.Cant wait for my intake!I think if I took some volume,I could stop with the mods!--NAAA this is too much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Yeah i picked up close to a 1/2 second in the quarter by just adding an edelbrock performer intake to my 5 spd 95 with the stock heads and cam on the next trip to the track. The performer is an awesome intake, it will move the powerband up a few hundred rpms but it's IMO the best intake for a motor that don't see see much past 58-6000 rpms like an aod car. well worth the money especially if you find a used one in good condition. I would without a doubt swap the intake long before i ever thought of a cam swap on a stock longblock. Atleast this has been my first hand experience with it.
  20. Hey I see you have cobra rims on your 92,are they 4 lug, 17 inch?If so what size tires are u running,and did you have any rubbing problems??