3.7L Motor Issues - Been in the shop for a week

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  1. 2011 V6 3.7L Ford Mustang
    Produced in June 2010
    Purchased Late August 2010 (needed a car at that point, couldn't wait for another model year)
    21500K miles when problems started
    Purchased Extended Warranty

    - Throwing Camshaft Sensor Failing Code => Dealer replaced sensor part, but never double checked for another issue...picked the car up with Check Engine Light STILL ON. (Yes, my mistake, had my reasons at the time!)

    One Week Later
    - FULL SHUDDER upon starting up.
    - CLANKING, THUDDING sounds from the left side of the engine compartment (Not Ticks).
    (Immediate shut her down and called Ford Roadside Assistance)

    She was at the dealership's service department Monday of last week. The technician said something was loose in the Motor and that it is a manufacturer's defect. They suspect that a valve dropped. That was Tuesday's report.

    It took until TODAY to get a heavy engine mechanic to work on her. So...not sure what to do. I have my rental...HATE it (Chevy Aveo). I miss my mustang. Why does it take the dealerships SO LONG to get their booties in gear?!

    What do you guys think? I wanted to fill you in.

    Not going to take the car until she's running the way she's supposed to.
  2. Hi Trinity2011,

    Please PM me your VIN, contact information, mileage, & servicing dealer name/state so I can help get your 'Stang back home where it belongs. :)

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Check with your local lemon laws. You may be able to swap the car for an equivalent model if they have it for a certain number of days or you experience a certain number of issues. I don't know a lot about these laws, but definitely something I'd look in to.
  4. Sounds like a VCT solenoid to me.
  5. Trinity is a 2011 V6, manual with 21K miles. Two weeks ago the check engine light came on so she went into the Ford dealership.
    Camshaft position sensor Bank 1 error message. Sensor was replaced and I picked her up.
    The next day, not only did the check engine light come back on, but it sounded as if I had put a custom ground race cam in her. Lobe, La, Lobe, La Lobe.....really spaced out and irregular! This time I put my code reader and it read Camshaft position sensor Bank 2.
    The cars idle was so bad and rough I had to have it towed to Ford.

    What I was told is that the cam phasers have apparently gone bad, which caused a horrendous timing issue that has possibly caused a valve (or valves) to drop into the piston chamber. Which has possibly scored the chamber wall.
    Thus, the dealership has brought in their "heavy engine tech" to pull the engine to inspect if a new block is needed. Ford is doing their part and I have no complaints about how they are handling it.....but I'd like a little more explanation. Can anyone help a girl out?
  6. I see it every few days on all models with VCT, Escape, Edge etc... Once in a while a VCT solenoid or a phaser will fail sometimes it's an easy fix by replacing the failed part and 1 in a 1,000 there is some serious damage.
  7. Wondering how this turned out?
  8. I apologize for the VERY late response.

    There was no definitive answer on what was wrong with my mustang. There's nothing on the official ford documents, etc. I just know that she drove like new when she was returned. So, I'm thinking that SpartaPerformance is correct and that it was just a simple failed part replacement.

    I have not had similar issues since then. :)
  9. Good news. Have fun!!!