3/8 and 5/16 hard tube fuel lines ?


I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
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Mar 2, 2015
I'm thinking about running metal fuel lines in my 88 fox. The feed line will be 3/8 and the return 5/16. Has anyone done this or helped someone do it. I'll be using a fuel pump assembly with the AN fittings and larger lines. 340lph pump.

The question is...what does everyone use ? Where'd you order it from ?

Y'all should know my set up...but for those that don't I'll tell ya. It's a 331 with TF heads, 42lb injectors ( soon to be 47s ), ported systemax 2, on 3 76mm turbo.

I'm using stock lines now but with tear down season coming I want to build the fuel system a bit. Don't like the idea of braided hoses running the length of the car and prefer the stockish look of hard lines. Have an idea what fittings and such I'd need but would like to get input from the guys here that have done it....or thought about it.
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I didn't really have an issue with the stink...
SN Certified Technician
Mar 2, 2015
What about the kit from LMR? You could sell the fuel sender

I should've included that bit of info too. I need to make my own because it was a 4cylinder so the lines run on the drivers side. I want to keep it that way because the turbo and down pipe are on the passenger side.

That kit is decent...but expensive.

CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
The monster has two -6 aluminum hard lines that run the length of the underside of the car. It was a giant pain in the ass.
-6,and -8 aluminum are easy to deal with provided you have a spring type tubing bender, but getting it to follow the floor, and turn through and under the various sides of the sub frame/connectors.
Conversely, I just purchased a 15' section of -8 braided line that I'll use either as a feed or a return line. After having gone through the ordeal of running aluminum lines the length of the car, there's no way in hell, I'd do it with a -8 line.
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Oct 12, 2019
Classic tube makes a complete setup, or if you want to use -AN, Frozen Boost makes a solid steel braided line thats solid but flexible. They won't bleed fumes like rubber. Thats what I use on my bracket car.


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Aug 8, 2003
Use pushlock..
It's cheaper/easier and has a more factory look than all the braided.

I didn't want the braided so that's what I used.
I did really want the lightweight black braided line, but the added cost really wasn't worth it.
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