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  1. When did the 190 hp come with the mustangs? I thought it was 1999, but I had someone tell me it was in 1994 :shrug:

    I thought everything before 1999 had the 145 hp v6?

    BTW, posted this here because the V6 forums did not answer and that was like an hour ago :mad:. How does that place survive?!?!
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  4. I am never going to get an answer!!!
  5. they did have 190 since 1994. but the 99+ are a little better with air flows thanks to the new heads and revs a little faster.
  6. Google?:D
  7. I totally googled. It says the 1994-1998 had the 145 hp V6. I thought the reasoning why they jumped to 190 was due to the split port in 1999.

  8. 1999 came the 190 hp due to the split port design.

    Acually it was 2001 IIRC that has 191 hp.
  9. 193HP to be exact
  10. the people that told you 94's had 190hp are the same ones that tell me their dad had a 65 mustang with a column shifter. Or a 1978 Cobra Mustang with a Boss motor from the factory.

    99 was the first year for 3.8 190hp
  11. Wasn't the slit-port used before that in Windstars and the F-150 before that? The SP was first put in the Mustang in 1999.
  12. Yup, buttterfly valves for 193 hp, 225Tq in 01 and then 3.9 liters in 2004.
  13. Actually, the early 3.8 in the T-Birds and Mustangs until 95 had the 145 hp motor. In 96, Ford changed the heads a little to add a larger 1.86 Intake valve with 7mm valve stems and beehive valve springs. The power was increased to 155 or 160 hp (depending on the authority).

    The windstars did have the later split port design as did the 4.2 in the F-150 which was also rated at 215 hp and 255 tq.
  14. So all in all....still a bunch of high-16-second cars that can't keep head gaskets in them. :D
  15. Brian,

    While true that they were not rockets stock, they can be modded quite decently.

    We are going to put the 3.8 out of my bro's wrecked T-Bird into the Stang. Years back while building the motor I installed a windage tray, fresh rings, heavily ported the heads with stock valves, ported the intakes, larger T-body, added 1.8 roller rockers, added underdrives and a phenolic intake spacer while deleting the EGR. We also installed ceramic coated Mustang headers and a Flowmaster Force II system. Car hauled asss even without a cam (I have a nice one for it now). In a mustang that is almost 600 pounds lighter, I have no doubt that high 14's are possible.

    The later split port cars truly lend them selves to mods with much greater effect. There were a lot of members on 3.8 Mustang and V6 power generating 250+ hp N/A with simple mods years ago.
  16. Yeah, I remember all this stuff when I was thinking of modding my old 3.8L Cougar years ago. All in all, it wasn't worth the cost or the effort (for me). The bottom end on these engines are still pretty fragile (unless you start with a Supercoupe block). Most guys I talked to that wanted any sort of real performance out of their V6 cars were doing 4.2L F150 swaps anyway? :shrug:
  17. :lol:

    *realizes she still owns a 3.9L V6*

  18. Ah well, I'm sure it gets decent gas mileage. :D
  19. :lol:

    It gets no better gas mileage than my two 5.0s do. :fuss:

    Maybe I'm just a led foot though. :shrug:
  20. thats the thing I don't understand, my lil bro has a got a supercharged 98 converible and was getting around 30mpg, without his foot in it. People with bone stockers are getting like 18, I get 24 in my 92 GT with an auto in it, wassup with that?