1. 3.8L Mods?

    Hey i recently got a 1994 3.8l mustang but find there just isnt enugh umpf to it... SO i was looking into maybe getting a CAI (MAC) , a chip and maybe put some nos into her... I dont have to much to spend or id be rebuilding the engine so im basicly looking for some cheap HP. My question is, can i run a chip and nos together and also how much boost can i run of nos on a stock 3.8? Also where can ya get a decent chip and a T-lock ?

  2. 3.8 forums are dead man, you'll be lucky if you get a response for the next week.

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  4. It's not dead, its just that his type of question has been answered hundreds of times in other threads. New members don't usually utilize the search function.
  5. Wrong section.
  6. You might try the 3.8 forum, this is the 4.6 forum, hence the smart ass reply.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mess with modifying the 3.8. This coming from a guy with a modded 4cyl mustang! If your going to use it as a daily driver, then use it for that and get used to it being underpowered. Any gains you make from mods will be small.

  7. Tried the 3.8L section and was told was dead and to try here so thats what im doing :) As of the car its just a mustang to drive untill i get the other mustang i want(4.6L gt) built the way i want.

  8. DONT BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON ANY MODS FOR A V6!!!! you will never be able to run with even a mildly modded GT. dont be the guy who thinks his V6 is fast!
  9. how many miles on the car? the 3.8ls of 94 and 95, maybe even through 98 suffer blown head gaskets at around 130,000 miles, just an fyi.

    my first car was a 95 six banger. nothing you can do to make it fast unless you spend wayyyyy too much money for even moderate gains. great for gas mileage, not for racing.

    i had it for nearly 4 years until it died at about 132k with the notorious blown headgasket. it would have cost more to fix it that the car was worth. the day it died i traded it in and got a gorgeous black GT. thats the best mod you can do for a v6.
  10. get a 99+ V6 and put a twin turbo kit on it. you'll smoke all of the N/A GT's.
  11. :lol: not to knock anyone but when i see people talk about putting twin turbos on a v6 it just makes me laugh everytime. Get a GT and TT it and then we've actually got sometime worth dealing with. Keep the sixers as the DD and get a nice GT. end of story.
  12. If it wasn't Easter, I'd ban you for this childish outburst. How about you re-read the StangNet Terms of Service that you JUST read and agreed to 4 days ago when you registered? Pay particular attention to the section regarding personal attacks...

    To everyone else, don't answer if you don't have something helpful to say. It may not occur to everyone here, but maybe the OP couldn't afford a GT or Cobra, but they'd like a little more performance out of their 3.8L?
  13. It is the wrong section, but still a good point.

    With that said, I dont know too much about the 3.8 but I'd say with some gears and say a 75 shot of the juice and that may just give you what you're looking for. Not too sure how much power a 3.8 can take though. I really wouldnt suggest putting too much money in it though, because in the end you'll just have to swap the entire driveline just to get to where most of us started in the first place.

    A buddy of mine has a 2006 V6 Mustang with a supercharger on it...that thing gives me a run for my money especially on the highway. But in the end, he'll be stuck and thats about as far as he will get without tearing the motor apart.
  14. 3.8's arent a lost cause, dont you guys remember the Super Coupe Thunderbirds?

    They arent light cars by any means and the best years were running comparable 1/4 mile times to most non-PI GT's.

    You CAN go bargain hunting (E-bay, Junkyards) and nab a supercharger setup off one of those cars, and peice the rest of the odds and ends together.

    Or, you can hit it with some nitrous. DO NOT USE A COMPUTER CHIP WITH THE NITROUS. Chips advance timing and that is bad, bad news when spraying a motor.

    To tune it you need a handheld or custom tuner to either NOT adjust the timing or to retard the timing.

    NX sells a cheap basic wet nitrous kit. Its called the Mainline. Its $400 and you can spend a little more on saftey acessories to make sure you are taking proper precautions.

    I wouldnt spray more than a 75 shot, 100 at the most.

    I watched my buddies 3.8 blow the head gaskets going down the highway... it was nasty, so I do not reccomend pushing these engines hard.

    99+ is when the problem was revised for the head gaskets.
  15. Your best bets would be gears, underdrive pullies, and exhaust.

    3.73 gears if you have a manual and 4.10's if you have an auto.

    good luck!
  16. Also, I just joined this forum today and compared to other forums, i'm not getting a good impression with the constant slams on him because he has a v6. Seriously guys.
  17. if the OP ever posts here again (doubt it) i'd suggest a Stage 0 upgrade, and this advice will work for anyone with a 10yr+ old Mustang, GT or otherwise

    spend the money on a COMPLETE tune up. a 14yr old car can't be in the greatest shape. replace EVERY filter, fluid, belt, plug, etc. on the car and then focus on upgrading/replacing the old, worn suspension. new springs, shocks/struts, bushings all around, new swaybars and a nice set of 17's with new tires

    then buy a bucketload of detailing products and go to work

    after you spend the cash on all that the last thing you'll want to do is worry about "performance" parts like a crappy mac intake and an ebay chip.

    3.73's and a T-lok isn't a bad idea though and will give you the little extra umph you're looking for.
  18. I have to apoligize for this yes it was very childish! I am sorry for the personal attack no excuse ! and i do have a 98 gt and also an other on for parts but i need a car to drive untill it is fixed. I just pulled a head off the 3.8l today and the head is pitted! so i gotta fina a new one or weld it and cut it back down. Also i have a dual exaus im going to put on and was looking at the 94 supercharger off the thunderbid and thinking im going to put tha on also. For the rest im going to put a CAI(mac), shift kit, chip(not sure what one any ideas?) new rear end with 3.73 gears(out of a 98 gt) also got some new rims and rubber from the 98 gt! and to finnish her off ill throw some fresh paint on her.
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