1. 3.8's are not dead i just got mine and im looking to stick with it for a while, and there are ways that you can mod them up to be great.
  2. All I said was...

    I don't think it's cool to call us idiots. :notnice: I never once called this guy an idiot for wanting to mod his V6. I just said I see no point in it. I have my opinion is all.
  3. Forgive me if I don't see the point in V8 owners coming into the V6 forums and saying it's pointless to mod V6es.

    That'd be like a Corvette owner going into the V8 forums here and saying, "I have a Mustang GT as a daily driver, but modding it is pointless. My C6 Z06 will always be faster."

    You'd probably think that post was idiotic and pointless.
  4. yea ur right i cant swallow my pride bcuz i know eventually it may be 10 years from now or when ever but eventually i will have enough in my car to be proud to pull up beside a v8 at a stop light its just the fact of being the underdog bcuz people say oooh a v6, ill stop'em and then makin them rethink it when the light hits green.
  5. Before this gets any more out of control, let me remind the members of the V6 Forum that the original poster created this thread in the 4.6L Talk section, where it remained for quite some time until I moved it here where it belonged! There was no V8 crowd invading the V6 Forum to bash the 3.8L owners. The original opinions given were done so while it was in 4.6 Talk domain, so lets stop the finger wagging and the "you guys started it" accusations in their tracks now, shall we! :nono:
    You just set V6 guys (and all members on this board with more than a 10th grade English education that wasn't derived from an MSN chat room) back 10-years with that post. Please do your best to at least try to make a coherent and valid point if you want any credibility on this subject at all! :)

  6. I dont need credability bcuz im not talking about the other v6 drivers im talking about me imi talking about the fun of trying to make a v6 hang in there with a v8 just because everybody thinks that they wont.
  7. Who cares who started what?:shrug:

    So this was posted in the wrong forum. Move it to the V6 forum and leave it. No need for all the negative comments about a certain kind of Mustang just because it's not in your forum.
    If someone accidentally posts a 2.3 or Mustang II topic in '94-'95 5.0 Tech, I would fully expect the '94-'95 guys to treat the topic with respect instead of telling the original poster that they're wasting their time and to get a real Mustang. Hell, we're all here to talk about Mustangs. Why pull the whole, "mine's bigger than yours thing"?

    I guess expecting a degree of civility from the 4.6 forums is expecting too much.:rolleyes:
  8. :dead: :dead: :dead:
    I think if you want to blow a lot of money on a v6 and make it go fast, do it! Theres nothing wrong with modding any mustang. We all love the car and thats way we are on this forum:SNSign: . Cant we all just get along?:shrug:
  9. I'm curious.....exactly what part of Frankenstangs post did you find to be "uncivil"? Your response to her "personal opinion" was far more harsh IMO. Maybe you shouldn't be so defensive to other peoples opinion when it doesn't mirror your own? :shrug:

    .....you want practice, try driving a Cougar for a while. You'll grow a really thick skin to critical comments. :D
  10. I can respect any mustang (or car for that matter) that is tastefully done or just moves! I love true hot-rodding. Anyone can buy a bunch of bolt-ons and stick them on the car. True hotrodding is where you actually did some fabrication, where you did something unique and really learned something while doing it. Buying part XXX to gain 3.2 hp is NOT hot-rodding. :rolleyes:

    Some people here have a half page signature listing every modification, including what name shifter, and brand of oil, or tires you run. :rolleyes: How is that any different from a ricer? A lot of these same pansies pansies don't even install their own parts.

    I think it is laughable that GT owners spend thousands and thousands on bolt ons just to run mid-low 13s. That's just as much a waste as a V6 owner spending thousands on bolt ons to run 14s. Want to impress me? Do something different. Fab up your own intercooling and exhaust piping and add a turbo, and make stupid horsepower. Take a blower from the junk yard or ebay and mount it on your own car. You don't have the skills? Start small and move up, learning along the way.

    I have peanuts invested in my 2.3. It is 90% factory or junk yard parts that I've modified to work. I started with 90hp running mid-high 19second quarter miles. I kept trying new and different things, learning new skills as I went. I started by building my own cold air intake, since then, I've rebuilt the automatic transmission in it myself. The intercooler is from an isuzu delivery truck (NPR), the radiator from an Explorer to fit between the outlets of said intercooler. I ported the head, intake and exhaust manifolds myself. I switched it myself to run on E85 and there's not a doubt in my mind it will run a 12 this spring. That's enough to stomp a lot of ego's and bolt-on cars.

    Earlier this year, I ran into a turbo civic and ran him a few times. He clearly did all the work himself, and just got the car back together. The car wasn't riced out at all, but he was just using parts he could find and afford to build up the car to be fun. That gets a LOT more respect in my book than anyone with a signature full of bolt-ons on their mustang. I ran him a few times in the 97GT (see sig) and I was able to just nose him out as we approached 60mph. I gave him a big thumbs up and told him to keep working on it, and told him what he's doing is pretty sweet.

    On one of the other forums I read, a guy put a dodge holset turbo (from a cummings engine) on his 3.8. That's damn cool; it was fast and looked good without spending a fortune.
  11. :shrug:

  12. I'm also a V6 owner or was I not clear enough in my first post? I believe I'm allowed to post in these V6 forums. :banana:

    Thank you. I don't believe I was uncivil in any way. :nice:
  13. Who said I was talking about her?

    Just because she was the only one to take offense? :shrug:
    I have to wonder; if she wasn't in the little "talk posse," would you even have cared?

    Congrats. You're currently a V6 owner. I'm not; I used to be but I always had my '66 as the real project car. But I still never saw the point in telling V6 owners their cars should only daily drivers that shouldn't be modded.
    You may own V8 and V6 Mustangs. But if you don't have a degree of respect for everyone in this hobby, then you're not a Mustanger. Even when you see a riced out Mustang that looks like utter crap, maybe you should give the person credit for picking a Mustang in the first place even though you may have prefered to see another car ruined by their hand.

    Basically what I said is V8 owners shouldn't criticize V6 owners for modding their cars. On the flip side, one shoudn't spend thousands of dollars on a V6 instead of a V8 just because they can't take criticism when V8 owners do say those things. I find people in both groups to be idiotic. Should I have sugarcoated it? Is that what got me into trouble?

  14. look ok im tierd of fighting about this whole v6, v8 thing we both got mustangs obviously we both share the same interests and the same love, just bcuz we run a different motor doesnt put out the fact that in the end no matter what motor its a mustang wich is really the whole point of this site am i right?
  15. what? most guys that put bolt-ons are impatient (like me:D ) and want to make our cars faster, Key word FASTER. I really didnt spend "thousands and thousands" on my mods. IF I did you would see a turbo or supercharger under the hood. If you want to compare YOUR turbo car to 03/04 cobra with small mods done to it, thats a better "bang for the buck".
  16. Well, for starters you did respond directly to her and no one else in your replay. :scratch:

    So now you turn your frustration towards me???

    FYI, I’m guessing the reason she took offence to your statement was because you singled her out in your quote! Exactly what part of that is so hard for you to grasp?!? And considering I have absolutely nothing to do with the Talk Posse, the answer is NO, her being part of it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference with regards to how she, or anyone else here is treated. As the matter of fact, I don’t even preside over their forum....that’s the Administrators responsibility, so feel free to quell your suspicions that I’m playing favorites there!

    The reason I cared to say anything at all is because you’re being an oversensitive baby about this whole thing and seem to be making a bigger deal about it than anyone. You demand people respect your opinion, yet you show none of your own when their views on the subject differs from yours? Even now you continue to go off on a tangent, putting words in Frankenstang’s mouth and telling her she’s not a “real mustanger” if she prefers to think of a V6 car more as an economy car than a performance vehicle. She clearly stated that this was her “own” opinion on the subject, not that it should be everyone else’s. Show me where she lacked respect for those who chose to run away from the norm? I mean, who really cares what she or anyone else thinks about them.

    To top of it all, you continue to ignoring the fact that this subject was originally posted in a V8 Talk section and choose to make it sound as though they all came over here to start trouble with the V6 guys. Nobody came looking for a fight, but you can’t automatically expect people to stop responding to the thread just because it’s been moved out of their Forum. Especially when you continue to provoke them with your “agree with me because this is my section and you don’t belong” attitude! :shrug:

    If you really want to know, the reason this still goes on is because you just can’t seem to let it go! You wanna hear the end of it, then drop the defensive attitude and quit pointing fingers, would ya and especially stop trying to enflame the discussion by putting words in people’s mouths and telling them how they should feel about it!!!
  17. LOL, I doubt Gearbanger cares anything about the Posse. :lol:

    I never ONCE said I don't have any respect for ALL Mustang owners. I merely said, "I don't see a point." Key word: I. Anyone else feel like modding their V6, go for it. I just never will. I criticized no one. Now, stang315, who insists on talking about street racing his V6, gets no respect from me. Gearbanger, isn't it against Stangnet TOS to talk about street racing?
  18. Nawwww......I'm not gonna chew anyone out because of a stop light comment, but any detailed chit chat about how someone street raced sew and sew and blew their doors off in open forum is gonna get some attention. :nono:
  19. Cool. :nice:

    But, I still have no respect for someone who condones such a dangerous activity. It has nothing to do with him wanting to mod his V6. Just wanted to make that clear to certain people. :rolleyes:
  20. Where was that in my original post?
    There's a whole first page in this thread with people saying, "Don't mod V6es, it's pointless."

    I didn't single her out until she singled me out. You need to go back and re-read this thread.

    Also, I don't own a V6. So I'm not taking this personally. It's just that I find non-constructive comments to be immature and a bit idiotic(so I said so). Like you said, who cares what her or anyone else's opinion is? So just answer the OP's question, direct him to the search function, or leave the thread.

    Who cares what my opinion is? Obviously she did, cause she took it personally, when it was pretty much addressed to all 2 pages of the thread.

    I do realize this was posted in 4.6 talk. And really I'm not the least bit surprised it got the comments it did. I just don't think things have to be like that. Unfortunately, when Mustangs hit a certain age they become affordable and get bought up by people who aren't necessarily Mustangers. It just so happens 4.6es are at that age. 5.0 talk used to be full of asshats; some of them are still around.:jester: In the 8 years I've been posting here, the classic forums have never gone through this 'phase.'

    I will apologize to anyone who took my original post personally. It was intended as a general criticism about how V6 and V8 Mustang owners try so hard to keep their groups seperate.