1. I didn't single you out, I explained myself. :nice:
  2. [quote='66 coupe]So just answer the OP's question, direct him to the search function, or leave the thread.[/quote]

    Good advice, why not take it yourself? You've been here long enough to know that starting a pissing match with a moderator is never going to end well for either party involved. Just move along. Gearbanger is a Super Moderator, which means for the uninformed, that he has moderation privileges for every forum on StangNet. It's his responsibility to look in on every forum to ensure things are going smoothly. Super Moderators are one step below Administrator, and have many of the same privileges as the admins. Furthermore, you don't own a V6, by your own admission, so why are you still here? I believe you'll find the post I made on the first page (post #13) said if you don't have anything helpful to add, then don't answer the thread. That post is still there, right? Just wanted to make sure for everyone who isn't offering any advice for the original poster...
  3. I was simply explaining myself. Just because somebody is a Moderator doesn't mean they aren't human and incapable of error or bias.
    I think I deserved an explanation for why I was being singled out. I had made no personal attack; but I think Gearbanger must have thought I did.

    I used to own one and can still answer questions about them. I think everyone here can agree this forum needs more regulars.

    I simply didn't see your post. Honestly, I didn't read every post in this thread. But I did catch a lot of the ones talking about how modding V6es is pointless(including ones made after your post). These are the posts I was addressing.

    But since I wasn't the only one posting after "post #13", why am I the only one being addressed?:shrug:
  4. Not intending to single you out through all of it, that's why I stated "everyone" in the final sentence. I'm sure we all have some sort of bias toward one thing or another, but I believe his intent in this thread was merely keeping the peace, as is mine. The only reason I singled you out is because at the end, there seemed to be a little spat between you two that needs to come to an end. Nothing more, nothing less. You're not even on my radar screen as far as there being any sort of trouble. It's one of those "agree to disagree" moments, but not really helping answer the OP's question. Just wanted to make sure we can at least address his question before taking it too far off topic, where it's past the point of no return.
  5. Thank you. This is the kind of logical response and explanation I appreciate. A good moderator should always be able to back up their posts the way you just did.

    I also totally agree with your comments in post #13; I wish I(and others) had seen it earlier or even better would be if it wasn't necessary in the first place.
  6. I didn't have any money to get a mustang at all I got lucky and traded a dodge Dakota for an 03 v6 , and its sweet and I found a bunch of parts on it, gripp strut tower brace, BBK 65 mm throttle body, B&M short throw, adjustable cable and quadrant, dual flowmaster 40's, and 3.73's.....personally I wanna do this stang up nice with twin turbos just because everyone always talks about the v8 cars, id like to be different and still have one hell of a car to show, and a truly insane ride thatll have you cryin for yo momma everytime.