3 Bolt 5.0 Harmonic Balancer For Stock 1965 Pulleys???

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  1. I'm doing a re-ring and bearing replacement on a 1995 5.0 (302) out of a running Mustang to drop into my 1965 mustang till I can sort out the issues w/ my 289. I'm converting the 5.0 over to carb and I have everything figured out except where to get a 50oz harmonic balancer that will fit my 5.0 crank and 289 pulleys. I can't use the standard summit 302 50oz balancer as it dosent fit my application, the balancer should have a groove to fit the crank vs. the older style press fit.

    I have the old 5.0 balancer and flywheel. Is there any sort of adapter for 3 bolt pulleys? I may have to source out 5.0 pulleys for the 289 water pump, alternator and crank........don't want to......but if it's my only option I will.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. This could solve my problem....


    Anyone know if the water pump pulleys are interchangeable with the 289 water pump and fan?


    Nevermind won't work w/ reverse rotation water pump pulley.
  3. Here Ya Go:


    It has at least 3 or maybe 4 different sets of timing scales depending on where your pointer choice ends up/whether lower radiator hose is left or right and has a removable ring to allow for an innie or outie crank pulley. It also has both 3 & 4 bolt pulley patterns. NICE F---ING unit at a great price!
  4. I'm looking at this unit except for my 302w as well.

    FYI, the "SCAT" Brand balancers are actually made by Performance Products(Listed above). If you look at scat website, they share the same part number as performance products, same as on Summit (Of course summit has a different brand prefix for ex, SCA-80007 (scat) vs PFS-80007 (Performance Products) The performance products branded one sells for $15 cheaper than the Scat branded one, and their spacers are a few bucks cheaper as well.

    On Scats website, it states that all of the Ford Dampers are built to the early (also happens to be the shortest) length that Ford made. For installation on later model crankshafts, you will require one of their 3 spacers, but does not say which one it would need.

    Scat states the damper is 3 inches, so you will need to measure your setup before you order to find out which of the 3 spacers you will need to take up the extra space.

    Also if you look very closely at the pictures of the Summit Branded balancers, they appear identical to the Scat and Performance Products balancers. Howevere they have a PRO/STREET stamped lettering in there which the other two do not. Other than that, it looks identical. It's possible the summit brand is made by someone else.

    The Summit Brand balancer is a few bucks cheaper and says it comes with a bushing and spacer kit. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-163302/overview/make/ford
  5. Not sure about the spacer issue on the P-P unit. On my 68, with a 99 Explorer 5.0, the OEM, 3 groove crank pulley lined up perfectly with the OEM 2 groove pulley (for AC) on a stock water pump mounted to an 68 style timing cover. No spacers required. Not sure if the damper was different on the 65. The Summit unit does not look to manufactured "identically" but it appears that either of the 2 should fit the bill.
  6. Good stuff!!!!!

    I will order the Jegs unit tomorrow w/ the correct spacer.

    FYI Summit is running a special right now for free shipping for orders above $100 and Jegs will match this. I have ordered lots of stuff from Jegs latley, better customer service and quicker shipping.
  7. That's the exact same one I bought probably eight years ago. The stock '68 pulleys and accessories all line up as they should and so does the pointer.
  8. Okay, I'm just going to throw this out there. I suspect that the chart at JEGS refers to using the 80007 damper in applications other than 63-69 pulley configurations. Although the chart has a lot of details it does not really give a clear explanation and leaves one needing to infer and assume to interpret. I have used this 80007 damper on at least 5-6 late model 5.0 swaps into 65 thru 70 Mustangs using OEM pulleys from each perspective car and never needed a spacer. I think a spacer may be required, for example, if you were to use this damper on a 92-5.0 in a 92 Mustang, etc. It is my considered opinion that this should be a bolt on and go situation.
    Just My $.02,
  9. I used the summit one (Pro-Street), and didn't use any of the spacers that came with it. It came with a tube with snap ring slots cut into it and bolt spacers of a couple different lengths. If I remember correctly, the 65-66 needed the tube to center the pulley on the damper, 67-69 the crank pulley has a lip that goes into the center of the damper. Not positive, but I think that's how it was.
  10. I called Jegs and ordered the Processional Products 80007 with no spacer. The tech I ordered from said I didnt need any spacers to use my stock pre 69 pulleys. I will update once the parts get here.