3" exhaust

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  1. I'll go outside and take a pic of the pipe on the car in a bit. Until then enjoy.

  2. yeah i'm liking that.
  3. side exit ?
  4. Yes. I can't seem to get good pics with these shadows quite yet. I'm working on it.
  5. is it on yet??
  6. -we put it on Saturday afternoon.
  7. Why only one?
  8. how many should he have? There's only exhaust path coming out of the engine sooooo there's one exhaust pipe.
  9. 4 he should have 4 shotgun style comming out of each side before the rear tire.

    I know he only likes single exhaust man
  10. Where's it exit, before the axle?

  11. thats gonna be loud

  12. Right in front of the tire.
    It's not as loud as the stock downpipe that was cut right behind the front tire.
  13. It's really not as loud as I thought it would be. At idle and cruising it's just fine. It really looks good installed on the car. Fit's Cro for sure.

    If he ever wants to install a muffler, won't be a bit of trouble to do so.
  14. so your saying its like cro on stangnet. Goes around all quiet for a while and then out of nowhere. Unbearably loud. :D
  15. def! :D
    But only unbearable to the faint at heart.
  17. Thats awesome, Can't wait to see the installed pics!
  18. Try to get a under car shot of it too.
  19. I've tried but the damn shadows kill it!
  20. have you tried to use one of those full length walmart mrrors and a shop light?