3" exhaust

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  2. Do you use photoshop? If so have you tried adjusting the brightness/contrast levels?
  3. I agree
  4. hehe... this is insane ...
  5. You all are going to have to wait until I go back to 140's house next weekend.
    If all goes well I'll be driving home on my birthday.
  6. DUDE! 13 is finally almost here! That's AWESOME! I'll have to ask the little wife to put some candles on a cake for you.
  7. I'm still older than you! OMG I HAVE PUBES AND YOU DON'T!
  8. TMI!!!!!
  9. I promise he would not know such. :puke:
  10. Best I could do so far.
  11. You need to repaint your side moldings.

  12. Obviously. But then it wouldn't look fast!
  13. hey man its too dark.

    and Its not that loud?

    Now that I think about it I've never seen pics of your entire car.
  14. Check my site.
    I told you before the pics are too dark.
    Trees all around make those nasty shadows.

  15. ok i know I'm sorry I was just joking....
    I Promise.....
    I'll never joke again.
  16. I can't be all out in the sun man!
  17. That's pretty cool, do you drive that car all the time? I got the pic a little brighter.

  18. that looks good. where did you get it made and how much?
  19. I do drive it all the time.

    I bought it in pieces from Summit and 140cilx and our friend Kerry welded it together.
  20. do like we do here. Keep the welder going nonstop and work in the light of that. Its kind magical if you ask me.