3" exhaust

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  1. He isn't a member. He is the diety, the demi-god.
  2. So are you saying Buhdah wasn't a buhdist?

    lol you see what I'm trying to say I just Kant spel it.
  3. Rut Roh Shaggy. This is taking a "Higher" spin
  4. are you serious??
  5. Never heard of sarcasam huh?
  6. ok. ha, ha...you are funny.

    When I buy 3" DP from Stinger , I will run it all way to the back , no Tip...hehehe, no muffler..just plain single 3" pipe sticking out of T-Bird azz end... you know T-Bird is a bad boy. better what out Muhstang...

    ...no offence Mustang guy's. I'm just playing..
  7. I just put on my intakes in the garage and I too plan to buy a dp from him. I will still run the Dual pipes on mine though and stanless from muff out.
  8. Buying premade downpipes?
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    Not supporting his Deity?
  10. Even Jesus killed kids.