3 Fast 3 Furious

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  1. :stupid:
  2. I'm just tared...that's all. I think that will look cool. How is it gonna work? I'm guessing it's gonna be custom?
  3. yes it is. We have the lights ready, the controller ready now all we have to do is find a gt hood scoop cheap.

    $150+ for a small peice of fiberglass :fuss: WTH!

    P.S. "I am sofa king we Todd Ed!!" :D (say it fast to understand)
  4. That's a ****load. I don't get the second part of your message. What's up with you and all these brain teasers? My brain still hurts from me trying to guess what your were doing to you stang...
  5. i am so fa-king wetodded... it's not a tough one to figure out... sheesh :D
  6. Maybe I'll start posting brain teasers in the V6forums are dead post. So far 7 of 9 pages of uselessness and randomness

  7. Yes! :D I got the first one with the sofa king but is the last one suppost to be with out it? Is it one of those random things?
  8. JC Whitney sells the kits for like $30.
  9. Really? You learn something new everyday.
  10. [QUOTE='66 coupe]JC Whitney sells the kits for like $30.[/QUOTE]

    I'd buy them and then sell'em for 60$... 50% profit. :D ... Um. Anyway, that might look cool. But you need your car to talk to you too... If you can't get it to talk then i'd say don't do it.
  11. uhhh... worked... that be making a 100% profit... i think... maybe... but I know what you mean... for once
  12. 100% profit. OF COURSE! ...What do you mean that you finally know what I mean when i'm talking about stuff that you don't know what it means but I know what it means and that's what counts 'cause you don't no what I mean but I do and so do the underpant nomes. That's right, just think about that one. :rlaugh: Seriously, what do you mean?
  13. [QUOTE='66 coupe]JC Whitney sells the kits for like $30.[/QUOTE]

    But how many LEDs do they use?
  14. Well, you rent/kidnap a midget.
  15. There's a place by me called "Midgetville"

    Look it up, it's in "Weird New Jersey"
  16. Are you serious? That's bucked up. :nonono:


    Linky :banana:
  17. You'll have to read the excerpt from the book itself, not the website. This doesn't seem right :nonono: