Mach 1 3 New pics of my Mach 1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, May 16, 2004.

  1. Had some friends over saturday and we took some pics.
    The shine on my car is 1 year old Zaino. :nice:

  2. Nice :nice:

    Where did you get the banner??
  3. Nice. I love that color on the Mach 1.

    1-year old Zaino? You mean you waxed that car a year ago?
  4. Damn, some sweet look stangs there.
  5. I got the banner at the NEGMC's show in Cherokee, NC last fall.
    They had a silent bid on it, and I ended up getting it for $110. I have seen these banners go as high as $300.
    Their having another show in September, and if they have another banner, I will bid on it again, and maybe see if anyone wants it. :nice:

    The Zaino has 8000 miles on it. Not a daily driver though. :D