Roush 3 piece stern wheels

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by footnfan, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know where a set might be for sale? Seeing the 87

    I two 10X18 magnesium wheels that can be worked in a trade, and a couple of sets of Vintage wheel works racing wheels...but they are primarily for older mustangs.

    Let me know. Thank you.

    Dan C
  2. There's talk over on the about Wheel Replicas coming out with a knock off version of the Stern One Piece and Stern Three Piece Wheels. Not sure if it's ever going to happen since the thread was started back in February and I still haven't seen the wheel for sale on Wheel Replicas website.

    Here's the thread posted on the Corral.
  3. Dan,

    You mean like this or the other car? There are two versions. The ones on this car are the real deal. Georges are beautiful. From a distance you can't tell the difference. I believe I have both versions. I know for sure I have another identical set like on this white car.

  4. Marcus,

    I wanted to paint the centers on my 3pc Sterns white, but after seeing your car I don't know what I want to do.

    Great picture
  5. Bart,

    Don't do it if you drive the car anywhere but to and from the car show. They get dirty so quick and the brake dust is almost impossible to get out of all of the rivets.

    George's look great grey but I prefer the silver. Just the way they came.
  6. Marcus,

    Thanks for the tip, I have owned many white wheel Saleens and never had a problem, but I did not think about the rivets?

    I usually only drive my car to shows for the most part, I only have 40k miles on my 89 lol
  7. When I had mine powdercoated, they were suppose to come out silver like the original color but they came out slightly darker. Looking at them on my new Saleen they actually match the car very well so I'm happy with them.
    If you have the old catalogue and look at the photo of the RED SC from the side, they used the exact same ones that Bart and I have with the curved lip on that car in the photo. I think Saleen had either design available for sale but used the flat lip ones on all their production SA-10's and SC cars.

  8. Is that your car Marcus?

    also can you give me some schooling on stren wheels you seam to be the authority
  9. Stand in line.......:flag: