#3 Plug Blow Out

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 05xgt, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Has anyone experienced spark plug blow outs? Not ignition blow out, but actual plug being bloen out of the head? Been hearing of this problem in earlier year model 4.6s and 5.4s. If so what have you done about it?
  2. This issue with spark plugs was mainly with the 2V's. I haven't heard of it with the 4Vs. The 3V's have are completely different with their spark plug setup and shouldn't be an issue with them.
  3. Steve, are you blowing out plugs?
  4. Actually, the problem really started with the 3V in the trucks. Many tool companies (Matco, Snap On, ect...) make repair kits specifically for the 3V.

  5. Haven't had the problem yet. Have heard of others though and just thought I'd ask before I start experimenting with higher amounts of giggle gas.
  6. It's older than that. I've heard it mostly associated with the 2v 5.4 in late '90s to early '00s F-150/Expeditions. The 5.4 didn't go 3 valve until the re-designed F-150 in '04.
  7. Yes, they were a problem, but not extremely common. The new 3Vs had major major problems, thus tool companies and Ford themselves making special repair tools specifically for the 3V F series.