3 Point Retractable Harness

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  1. Are you looking at this for aesthetics, or do you need a harness? To me, that seems like something you'd see in a show car to get the "race look" - and the way they describe it, that seems like all it's meant for.
  2. My original seat belts don't work real well. They don't retract correctly or click into the receiver right. I have a built setup (500hp) but I don't run at the track. It's just a fair weather daily driver but I like the aggressive look of the racing harness and I may actually need it if I decide to run it down the track one day.
  3. Im sure LRS sells stock replacements, and if you want a harness, buy a harness. I'd stay away from that.
  4. IMO unless you have a properly installed race harness, you are both wasting the money and possibly setting yourself up for injury. Unless you have it affixed to a roll bar at the correct location and angle, just stick with the factory seat belt.
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  5. I have a slightly different view of these retractable harness deals. One of the dudes I work with has this installed in his Jeep. The Jeep is equipped with a roll bar and seats designed for a harness.

    The inertia reel is anchored to the roll-bar and kept him in place when the vehicle (for whatever reason) was upside down. lol

    Are they upgrade over OEM belts? I would say so, without a doubt.

    I wouldn't just stuff them into an otherwise stock vehicle without at least a 4-point cage and the appropriate seats though.

    Something like this:


    or this:

  6. Previous owner had them installed in the Volvo I have. Worked great, looked good, but as with any aftermarket harness installed for any type of racing use, they do have a short lifespan as stamped on them, and is strongly adheared to if doing any type of sanctioned racing. Mine were expired so in the can they went
  7. Can't you send harnesses back to the manufacturer for inspection and re-validation?
  8. not the ones I had. Don't know if others do or not. Mine were Schroth brand
  9. Does the retractable reel mount inside the panel where the original reel does? The only picture I can find shows it connected straight back to the rear seat.
  10. Yea, I'm trying to wrap my brain around how this belt system works. Attaching any of the web end fittings or retractors to anything but stock anchor points (or roll bar mount) would be ill-advised, because you have no idea how the surrounding steel would perform in a crash. At the same time, the kit kind of looks like something that requires the retractor to be mounted centered behind the occupant, so I have no idea how you install it.

    Also, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but (among other requirements) I believe NHRA calls for 3" harness systems. So this kit would be basically all show and no go, because it wouldn't pass as a legit drag racing harness.
  11. my old kit had long belt lengths that went back to the rear deck area and were very heavly bolted in. Now this was on a sedan, not a hatch