3 valve intake

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  1. i have a question to all the 3 valvers out there. i am working on a 2004 5.4L DOHC swap in my 1998 mustang gt. now my problem is the factory navigator intake is a good 7 to 8" taller than my engine. now i was looking around and the only option thats actually doable is something i heard on the forum but it wasn't in too much detail. he suggested a bullitt intake manifold off a 3 valve '05 to'10 gt. it supposedly has the same 'c port' heads of the navi and the 4.6 and 5.4 are somewhat interchangeable. as long as it bolts on and allows for the same airflow as the stock intake, i will get it to have a noticeably shorter intake so it will fit under my stock hood. so, with all that said does anybody know either if this would work or anybody that has done this swap or simply if it would fit. thanks
  2. No it wont, The 5.4L has a taller deck height which means the cylinder heads shall we say are little further apart on a 5.4L vs a 4.6L. However there are 5.4L 3v out there in Ford trucks, you may want to look into those manifolds,