3 word posts... join in

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  1. I'll start with 3 words, then the next person adds 3 more to make a story I guess :lol: Keep it clean cause I dont want to get another thread locked :)

    Last night when...
  2. Caldwell drank my...
  3. fruity berry drink
  4. he lost all
  5. sense of time
  6. and started licking
  7. a sweet chick

    (i saw how this story started about me lol, i had to switch directions)
  8. :lol:

    who was really
  9. a man, but
  10. Caldwell didnt care
  11. Damn beer goggles
  12. so then he

    (this thing didn't stay clean long :LOL:)
  13. grabed his hand
  14. and pulled out
  15. his super small
  16. eating utensil, that
  17. was used to
  18. scoop up his
  19. dates hairy pubic