SOLD 30 Lb/hr Bosch Fuel Injectors

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by NIKwoaC, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. I have for sale 8x Bosch EV-1 style 30 lb/hr fuel injectors. These will support 400-ish crank HP in an NA application with stock Ford fuel pressure. My car made 336 RWHP with these injectors without issue.

    I have the original flow test results for the injectors that I will include with the sale. I'll toss in some extra o-rings rings, too.

    Asking $100 +shipping. Located in Fishers, IN. These are posted for sale elsewhere, so first come, first serve. 20170630_065827.jpg 20170630_065834.jpg
  2. Wait... So you're not in main land China? :D
  3. LOL yea... I swam back, that's why I was gone from Stang Net for so long.
  4. Still selling this?
  5. Yes I am.
  6. Still for sale?
  7. Still for sale?
  8. Yes sir they are.
  9. I sent you a PM with some more questions. I'm interested in them.
  10. how can i pay. i want these
  11. Sorry guys, @TerryW swooped in last week and bought these. I've been traveling a bunch for work and forgot to update this thread.