30 lb injectors

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  1. i get a lot of different opinions. are these inj. too big, i have 30 lb. inj. with pro m meter calib. eddy 202 160's ,1.6 rr, cobra intake, 70 mm tb, x cam, dss shortblock, flows dumped, 255 pump. would i gain by going to 24lb inj, meter? does anyone else use x cam? dss recommended this cam (not sure if i agree). recommend opinions from people with experience (i didnt post this in talk). car dynoed 260 hp., 290 tq to the wheels, on a dynojet.
  2. 30's are fine, perfect for that combo. No clue why dss recommended a dinosour X cam though. Any track times? How's the a/f on the dyno? How much timing you running?
  3. 30lb injectors

    the best track time 13.50 @ 98 mph, 1.89 60 ft. a/f 12.5 to 1. timing was at 16 degrees the day at the track. had 275/50/15 mickey thompson drag radial. leaving the line at 5,000 rpm (5 speed) to keep motor in powerband for second gear. the car was hooking pretty good, very little tire spin off the line.
  4. Your dyno numbers are way low but more importantly, your track times are even worse!

    The a/f is a little rich but not enough to kill you that much. Timing looks fine.

    Do you have gears?

    Do you have a fuel pressure gauge you can watch while you are going WOT?

    Something is way off. You run less mph then my friends stock 90GT with only exhaust (stock gears too).
  5. 30 lb

    have 373 gear, fuel pressure gauge is under hood.
  6. there doesn't seem to be very many people looking at the "tuning" forum, does there?
  7. Not really but this wasn't really a tuning question.

    If it was a question about setting up a base tune with a PMS, tweecer or something there would be more responses.
  8. I think it absolutely falls under tuning catagory. His numbers are way low for the parts that he has on his car. I think he is basically wanting to know if he needs to change his tune or if he just has a badly mismatched combination. If his tune is off and this is what is causing his lack of performance, I would think the tuning section is where one could find some answers. If the car is tuned well, somebody trying to help in the tuning section should be able to verify it for him........at that point he could go back to the tech section and ask what parts he could change to better his combo.
  9. His tune is a little rich but pretty close enough. It will be leaner on the street anyway due to the way the dyno loads the car vs how the street loads it.

    His issue looks mechanical.

    Did you check for proper pushrod length? Are the valve springs up to the task? Did you ever get a chance to watch what fuel pressure does through out a WOT pull?
  10. hi looking to this post i have 30 pounders too with a 306 and 75mm pro-m maff, look my sig.do i need to change something?
  11. Those numbers are deffinately low, seeing as i only have intake/heads, pro m 80mm, and i'm pushing 270/290 to the wheels

    TFS Stage 1 cam coming by next month =D trying to for 280-290rwhp and 300+rwtq
  12. i have the same intake as you a 306 tfs tw heads an e cam 70 mm tbody 24# injectors and a 73mm c&l maf and i dynoed 280 rwhp and 318 rwtq some thing is definetly off, it think you might have to much cam for the cobra intake and thats hurting you
  13. 30 lb. inj.

    just got track heat intake in the mail. will post results as soon as i get to the dyno. thanks for the responses.
  14. You have a mechanical issue. I would look into the valvetrain. Are those the stock edelbrock valve springs? If so, get proper springs and install them properly. Did you check for proper pushrod length??
  15. Speaking from experience...I have 30lb injectors with a 75mm Pro-M TB on a daily driver.

    30lber's are "too much". I have a bit more aggressive setup than you...

    Hot crank starts (to much cranking fuel)...

    Surging idles...

    Rich smell...

    I should have went with 24lb injectors.

    30lbers would be just fine if you got it tuned on the dyno/chip...

    24's if you don't have the money or time to get a tune.
  16. Where are you shifting at?
  17. HP is down in my opinion because the heads are a tad to big and the cam is NOT a good match. Swap the cam to a custom and you'll see the number jump up significantly.
  18. The numbers are down b/c he has a mechanical issue that needs to be looked into. Those edelbrock heads are 170cc if I recall, not big at all.
  19. I use 30lb injectors with this setup: TFS heads/cam, Typhoon intake, 75mm TB, BBK AFPR, C&L 73mm, BBK L/T's. I tuned it myself with a Nordskog digital fuel pressure guage and it runs awesome, still get ~25mpg going over the mountains to and from Seattle @70mph