300+ rwhp 302 Longblock FS. H/C/I + more.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 281pony, May 4, 2010.

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  1. parting out most of my 302 based build. im just purchasing a 347 longblock, this runs GREAT as a whole. regularly gets 25+ mpg, no smoke/leaks/oil consumption. dyno'd 300/320 on a mustang dyno (stingy) using these parts.

    89' stock bottom end, forged pistons. 70k miles, runs great. no leaks/oil consumption. will come with timing chain/cover/pan. no distributor/cam. $450 obo

    trickflow twisted wedge heads, no porting. old style; difference is only in the end of the heads. they do not have trickflow engraved. otherwise, same as a new set of twisted wedge's. verifyable by trickflow tech, feel free to call. $650 obo.

    crane stud mount rockers, 1.6 ratio. great shape. $125

    systemax 2 intake. great condition. no porting. $450

    trickflow stage 1 camshaft. $100

    70mm tb. $80 with tps.

    24# injectors and MAF. maf is a pmas unit, just done by them. $150 for pair.

    will add more as it becomes available. this stuff will all be flying off and ready to sell friday/saturday (this weekend). AS OF NOW, I DO NOT WANT TO SHIP ANYTHING UNLESS IT'S SMALL. I AM LOCATED IN OLYMPIA, WA AREA.
  2. Can you please send pics of the systemax intake to [email protected] please and thanks.
  3. Can you send pics and best shipped price of PMAS MAF to [email protected]

    Would be willing to sell just the MAF and price on that please?


  4. sorry guys.. guy ended up being a giant deuche bag and bailed on me after i did ALOT of work on my end.

    just changed the oil in the ol 5.0 yesterday and took it out for some fun. its gotta stay with me still for now :D
  5. 10-4 sorry to hear
  6. thanks bro.
    i was disappointed, yet i wasn't. the car runs so good now, i can't be mad that im "stuck" with it. so the acura got the love this modding session haha.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.