300 RWHP and over

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  1. How many of you guys make 300 rwhp or more with stock short block and no power adders just heads cam and intake combo. And if you do whatcha got.
  2. I would also like to know this...

    hope i'm not hi-jacking (sp?) your thread here.. but i would like to know ANY combo withOUT poweradders, with stock short block that is putting out over 300 rwhp.. not just H/C/I...

  3. Let me know how clean it runs to, I have to worry about polution in this state :bs:
  4. Well I am making 331 RWHP with my setup and with no power adders.

    Here is my setup:

    GT40P Heads Ported and Polished with 1.90 x 1.60 Valves
    Crane .550 lift Spring Kit
    1.7 Roller Rockers
    Professional Products Typhoon Intake Manifold Ported and Polished
    Mac Cold Air Induction
    Anderson Ford Motor Sports N-41 Custom Camshaft
    70mm TB
    80mm MAS
    30lb Injectors
    Mac Shorty Headers, Mac Prochamber and Mac Cat back Exhaust
    MSD 6AL Ignition with MSD Billet Distributer
    MSD 9mm Racing Spark Plug Wires
    Iridium Plugs
    Mac Underdrive Pullies
    Art Carr Street Terminator Transmission with a 3000 Stall converter
    FRPP 3:73 rear gears with 31 spline axles, an Eaton 8.8 Differential
    Custom Burned Superchips computer chip
    255LPH Fuel Pump
    Adj. Fuel regulator
    Set the timing to 16 degrees advance and the fuel to 37 PSI
    Eibach Drag 90/10 shocks, FRPP Progressive rate springs
    Eibach upper and lower control arms
    Sub Frame connectors
    QA1 Tubular K Member
    Fiberglass hood with 1.5in cowl
    Race Weight with driver is 3120
    Price to build about 10K

    I average about 30 miles a day driving, I also get 18-20 MPG on the highway and 12-15 MPG in the city. I also have run a best 12.086 @ 113.21 MPH with this setup and I still have power everything including A/C.
  5. It wasn't a "stock" shortblock, i added a set of stock bore D.S.S tw pistons for valve clearance. Other than that it was stock block,crank, and rods(with a girdle). I made 376rwhp with my n/a 302....AFM ported tw's, AFM N-91 cam, AFM modified tfs street intake, 75mm tb, 80mm mass air, bassani step 1 5/8-1 3/4 longtubes and offroad x, etc.

  6. I guess there isn't to many stock blocks that where built up so if you have a 306 or something like that let me know. I will probably go .030 over myself when I do this. should of expected that not to many people would build a engine and not bor it
  7. Boring it to a 306 is VERY minimal for power gains. I just think of a 306 as a 302......same thing.
  8. My combo should be close to 300 RWHP ( with out the nitrous) and i have no problem driving it around. Check my sig , heads and intake are all ported and polished and matched. Hope this helps.
  9. I had a "stock" 75k bottom end, AFR 165's, FTI cam, performer rpm, 70mm tb, 76mm maf, 1 5/8 un-equal length shorties to 2 1/2 exhaust. Made 303rwhp/332rwt. Got 17-20 mpg in the city and 23-25 highway with a tremec 3550 and 3.73's. Idled 750 rpm's and streetability was stock like.

  10. Umm i can beat you all, 400HP....N/A
  11. There is a writeup in this month's MM&FF with a 340+ RWHP buildup using Holley's SysteMax hci (among other things)..
  12. That car made 291 rwhp in MMFF this month 340 was flywheel.
  13. mine should have atleast 300rwhp with my mods get the car back this week
  14. I wouldn't say "at least". I would say more like around 290-310 rwhp.
  15. I'm making about 325 RWHP. Also, that might be bumped to about 350 RWHP or more with an Ed Curtis cam swap.
  16. Nevermind, you asked about stock sjort block...I made 315 RWHP before the DSS 331 went in.
  17. Oops, sorry about that.

    But, I still think that it is pretty good. :D
  18. Anyone have comparison numbers between the TFS H/C/I and the Holley Systemax H/C/I?

    I'd be curious to see which H/C/I combos are currently the most potent street setups, considering my H/C/I is all bone-stock and I'm looking for a setup.
  19. Stock shortblock, 48k miles.
    Dyno'd at 287 and then added an electric fan and capacitive discharge ignition. Didn't get it redyno'd but those two changes really woke up the car so I believe I am right at 300 RWHP. :D