300 RWHP and over

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  1. my gt-40 combo made 290/330 to the wheels with the a/f ratio in the 12.2's and the car overheated and puked every run...pop'd HG.

    That was with mild port work with 1.94/1.60's iron gt-40's, AFM b-21 cam, Explorer intake with port matched lower, BBK longtubes, 65mm TB, 73mm MAF, 24lb injectors.

    I have since installed an electric fan, Aluminum d/s, and synthetic fluids.
  2. i'm having trouble believing this article http://www.carcraft.com/techarticles/116_0307_ford/index.html

    sounds too good to be true?! :shrug: i wish they would have done a test with the EFI and not a damn carb. they got 23 hp out of new rockers...thats phenominal. and 104 hp with heads and headers....on a stock bottom end.
  3. I made 310hp and 351tq at the wheels w/ the 327 in sig. It's low compression (8.5) too. Pulls hard from idle to about 5700.
  4. I hope you have something more than the mods in your sig.
    Your maybe looking at 250 with those lol
  5. nice car, i think i saw you at norwalk, are those pics from fun ford?
  6. 1990 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback,
    302cui, 5.0L v8, w/ T-5

    MSD digital-6 plus ignition box
    MSD 8.5mm super conductor spark plug wires, w/ msd seperators
    MSD blaster 2 ignition coil
    MSD pro-billet distributor
    MSD cap/rotor
    MSD tfi module

    Ford Racing 24lb Hi-Flo fuel injectors
    BBK billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator w/ liquid filled guage
    BBK 190LPH in-tank fuel pump

    Ford Racing B303 camshaft
    Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers
    Granatelli 75mm Mass Airflow Sensor, chrome, w/ CAI tuning
    Professional Products 70mm Throttle body
    Professional products 70mm EGR spacer
    BBK chrome fenderwell CAI kit
    Trickflow street upper/lower intake manifold (upper being polished)
    Trickflow twisted wedge cylinder heads Fully CNC Ported & Polished w/ race valve job
    Trickflow 1" intake spacer

    Centerforce Dual friction clutch
    Centerforce throwout bearing
    Ford racing aluminum driveshaft
    Unknown short shifter
    Ford racing billet steel flywheel
    Ford Motorsports 3.73 gears

    Mr Gasket 160* thermostat
    Granatelli Motorsports aluminum radiator
    Redline water wetter coolant
    Flex-a-lite 'Black Magic' electric fan
    Jegs super-duty chrome waterpump

    Powermaster 140amp chrome 1-wire alternator
    Professional products street harmonic damper
    Jegs polished, sealed battery box w/ wire kit for hatch relocation
    Optima yellow top battery
    CHM clutch quadrant and cable
    Steeda clutch firewall adjuster

    Hooker longtube headers
    Custom xpipe, 2.5"
    Flowmaster 2.5" american thunder mufflers w/ oem tailpipes

    not yet reassembled. everybody tells me i should dyno 300+rwhp without a problem.
    will be dynoing & getting custom burned chip when its running.

    sometime down the line i will get a custom grind cam, and ill have to change the springs on my heads probably, hopefully pick up decent power from chip & cam

    derek :nice:
  7. OOOOh, I like this setup. Who did the heads?
  8. 408rwhp/444rwtq

    All N/A

    351w Crate Engine
    Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads
    FRPP F303 Cam
    Edelbrock Torker II Intake Manifold
    Holley 750 Double Pumper W/ Mech. Seconds
    MSD 6AL
    MSD Billet Distributor
    1.72 Roller Rockers
    UnderDrive Pulleys
    Flowmaster/Hooker Exhaust System W/ No cats
    3:55 gears
    Alluminum Driveshaft
    Centerforce Clutch
    Hurst Shifter
    CGS Subframe Connectors
    Accell Wires
  9. I'd also love to know... Ive got a set of bare GT-40Ps waiting here to send to the right porter ;) And Ive got the rest of the mods in that buildup other than the HI-6 and the N-41 (which can be easily attained for the right combo).

  10. Lets see the dyno sheet cause I gotta call the :bs: on that. Stock headers :rlaugh: Maybe i'm wrong :nonono:
  11. I dont know what to tell you, Im not trying to brag or anything? Its just a high compression engine. (11:1)
  12. Mine is 11.25:1, dont mean to flame you but I dont see that power in you're parts. Especially with stock 5.0 headers and small exhaust with that intake, carb, and cam :shrug:
  13. 304rwhp/331rwtq with a stock shortblock 302. 68k miles.

    Mods in sig.
  14. :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

    :nonono: :bs: :rlaugh: Saltymaz... Your calling BS on other people's HP estimate's and then you go and say you have 408RWHP out of that mild 351 of your's. I'll eat my short's if you even come close to 400 Flywheel HP. From what I can see in your "My Garage" pics that engine of your's look's like you pulled it out of a junkyard and yet you claim it's a crate engine. I imagine you have factory piston's in her as well.... well correct me if I'm wrong but I can't see you getting 11:1 Compression out of her with a 61cc (Twisted Wedge) head on top with factory piston's unless you had the heads milled. (If those are actually Trick Flow's On That Engine Like You Claim) ??????? I think your the one that everyone should LOL at.

  15. I got almost the same combo as saltymaz.
    I got more stuff done to the heads/intake/carb/and exhaust than he does and I think i'm somewere in the 400rwhp/425rwtq power.Saltymaz do you have track time? I don't have a qaurter near me but would be nice to know.I run a C4 instead of a 5speed though.
  16. Ok, Saltymaz... Your carb is on BACKWARDS... And jsut to let you know.. A Holley blue is to be gravity fed or you'll burn it up... Yet you put it in the engine bay. LMAO.. Is your hood a gas tank too? Also.. With the regulator that comes with the Holley blue... You should use both out ports on a double pumper... You have no idea what you're saying/doing... I call BS on this shmuck.

  17. saltymaz is taking a beating
  18. If you argue with a idiot you will always lose from experience.

    Like so many things on stangnet....
    real life experience > internet mechanic
  19. Dyno numbers and mods in sig
  20. I make a little over 300rwhp on the motor with an AOD. AFR 185's, Track Heat intake, F Cam, 70mm TB, 75mm Mass air...the same junk as everbody else.