300 RWHP and over

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  1. Not arguing with you, just questioning you're hp. Granted my #'s are through a beefier drivetrain than you'res so they would be higher with stock parts but..........I have a 67 cubic inch advantage, a 1/4 point more compression, WAYYY better heads/cam/intake/exhaust/fuel system and only make 45 more rwhp and 18 LESS rwt :nonono: Dont think so, maybe just me :shrug: :nonono: :rlaugh:
  2. My bad, all my #'s are flywheel not rear wheel, Dont know why I mislabled them.
    sorry about that :doh:
  3. Saltymaz.... Your still not going to be making even 400HP at the flywheel with that worn out 351 of your's. How many mile's are on the short block?
  4. 0. Its brand new/Remanufactured
    I got it from Prime Performance on the intraweb. 1150 shipped.
    F4TE casting I think. And you can question it all you want, My mechanic put it on a dyno machine before he dropped it in my car. As for all my other parts, yes they are dirty, mainly because there used. The carb is new, as well as the intake. The TFTW heads are very old, but work fine. If you insist on me proving that they are TFTW heads, Il post the picture here in a few minutes. Dont let the fact that I am using stock valve covers let you think they are stock heads.
    This was when they were on my 302
    http://forums.stangnet.com/vbgarage.php?do=getimage&id=206 Notice the same heads?

    The engine I bought, upgraded to a 351 and also upgraded to forged pistons.
  5. Maybe now you can stop being so hellbent on proving me wrong, almighty god of thor ?
  6. Im sure if you add all of these things you will see 300+, this is what I plan on doing. I have already installed a few of these.

    Underdrive pulleys
    Cold Air Intake
    Flowmasters w/ X pipe
    70mm TB
    24 or 30# injectors
    2400 Stall Converter
    255 Fuel Pump
    Mass Air sensor (still deciding)
    E-303 CAM
    Thats what I plan on starting off, hopefully have all that by the end of this year... Probably going to go with gt40 heads but im still deciding on it
  7. That will be more like 250-260rwhp...I dont' see an intake on there either...the intake (with all the other parts) will gain you 15rwhp more probably...and I would go with 24lb injectors...

    saltymaz - how many different "combos" have you had?...you have made 10 threads (give or take a couple)...saying that this is my new combo and asking how much horsepower you have...I guess you finally decided on one :shrug: Your power numbers are a bit of a stretch...
  8. yeah MAC CAI
  9. Thats not an intake...I'm talking about a Performer intake, Typhoon, TrickFlow, Systemax...etc...not a chrome piece that doesn't add any horsepower...
  10. Some people on corral were making 300rwhp with fully ported gt40s. 270-280 with ported e7s.
  11. My car made 368 rwhp through a 5 speed and a HAYS clutch.

    308 with all forged parts. Scat crank. Eagle rods (balanced and lightened). Wiseco forged high compression pistons ( Lightened). Crane valve springs. Fms 1.72 Roller rockers. Fully ported GT-40 iron heads. Stock SIZE titanium valves. Lunati camshaft ( .570 lift mid 230s duration). Eldebrock RPM air gap intake. Holley 650 DP mechanical secondary carbourator. MSD 6 AL. MSD billet distributor. BE COOL aluminum radiator. Black magic electric fan. Barry Grant fuel pump. MAC long tube 1 3/4. Custom X-pipe. Dynomax bullets.

    Car runs 11.20s @ 118 in good weather.
  12. Im making 292 rwhp and 308rwtq with edelbrock heads systemax mani and a steeda number 18 cam....and i basically still have a stock exaust....1 5/8 in frpp shorties with a stock size(2.25 inch) x pipe hopeing to put done 305 and 315 with a LT's and a true x pipe .............
  13. ttt ... this thread is great.
  14. I personally don't find salty's numbers to be all that far fetched.
    With 408 flyweel and the 15% loss that's around 340 to the wheels or so, why exacty is that so unreasonable? There was a guy earlier that claimed almost that on p heads, and i didn't see you guys reaming him.
  15. I'm looking at the picture of the yellow Windsor and something is bothering me. 1st- why paint an aluminum head? 2nd- The heads look cast iron to me....can anybody verify that those are TFS? In fact, the head [the one that can be seen] looks cast. Wouldn't a Twisted wedge head look a little more square and machined??? Anybody???
  16. [​IMG] Thanks for playing.
  17. [​IMG]

    Thats the TF casting #
    once again, thanks for playing
  18. [​IMG]

    Thats the TF casting #
    once again, thanks for playing


    Thats when I had my new engine in my apartment. Go ahead and look at my apartment pics in the gallery, they match my walls, so blow me.
  19. LMAO... I think we can close the case now, salty. :lol: