300 RWHP with stock heads and cam

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  1. Hi everyone I am a new member to this forum. I am a mustang enthusiast and have been for over thirteen years. I am on my third fox body mustang and my first coupe. I have a recently rebuilt motor bored .030 (306) and stock E7 ported heads. The upgrades include a windage tray, k and N filter, underdrive pulleys, 1 5/8 equal length shorty headers going to a 2/12 inch off-road H-pipe and out to a 2/12 inch flowmaster cat back system. A T-5 trans with and 3:55 gears with an Eaton posi. I want to get 300 rwhp with the stock heads if possible, and maybe the stock cam? I have plans for 24lb injectors, 76mm C and L MAF, 70mm throttle body, 190 lph pump, and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I am not sure what intake to use? And I also do not know if I should leave the stock cam and upgrade to 1.7 roller rockers. My objective is to get this power using the stock ported head. Any help is appreciated.
  2. 75 Shot of nitrous and you'll be set...other than that you'll be needing to upgrade both the heads, well matched cam, and an intake that works well with the above mentioned components. Most often even the best ported head and aftermarket cam combos dyno at or under 260's.
  3. IMHO the parts you listed will get ya in the 240whp range. I agree w/ Dman your going to have to change more than that to get 300rwhp. Most ppl w/ the trickflow top end kit on a 302 are making 290-300rwhp. 50 or 60whp is not easy to come by without major changes or nitrous.
  4. The kit you are referring to is the street heat kit from trick flow? Trick flow claims to get 350 hp and 360 ft lb of torque. So probably around 300 at the wheels. I may be leaning in that direction but I am on a budget. I also considered making up my own combination with possibly afr 165 heads and a custom grind cam.
  5. Yes the street heat kit. I was just comparing an aftermarket kit, which changes 3 major components to make 300 vs keeping it mostly stock and making 300. I think all the stuff you would have to do to a mostly stock engine to make 300rwhp would be much more expensive (unless your a machinist or something) than buying some aftermarket kit or parts and doing it. But you can do anything with enough $$. The 165,rpm,custom cam is a good combo.
  6. I'm a huge fan of AFR heads. They are a bit more expensive than the others, but the difference in cost is well worth the money. A small Comp Cams Xtreme Energy hyd roller is the ticket in terms of the cam. Do you plan to keep the EFI or go with a carb?
  7. the best dyno with stock ported heads i have found was in the 270 range, i believe that was pro ported custom cam, its on the tmoss website
  8. cleanLX has 230cfm pro-ported E7 heads (Power Heads with extra work), a custom Buddy Rawls cam and my ported stock intake with two uppers - a long and shorter runner version with long tubes. With a 60mm TB and a ported stock length upper he put down 280RWHP/330RWTQ. Switched to the shorter upper version intake and a 65mm TB and made 292RWHP/325RWTQ. That's the most I've seen documented (dynos) in a non-race engine running stock ported parts so far. Maybe others have similar results and will report.

    Guys with Thumpers and mild ots cams with stock ported intakes amke in the 260RWHP range - those are on my site also.
  9. 91notchbk. Be careful how much weight you put on advertised hp and torque #'s that are posted by the manuf. of their components. Not saying they are all false, they just sometimes spice the #'s a bit when they can. Kind of like flow #'s for cylinder heads. Real-world flow #'s by a reliable source is always better than advertised #'s.

    Bottom line... consider the source of all advertised info before you bet the farm on it!:nice:
  10. In my opinion the trick flow kit with a dyno session is an excellent option cost wise to attain the goal you've set for yourself.
  11. What comp cam are you thinking of? I am lloking at the comp XE270HR or maybe the XE266HR. What do you think?

  12. +1 to that. Most H/C/I combos I see tend to net right around 280 rwhp. Pushing 300 on motor will take WELL-MATCHED components, finesse, and a 5-speed most likely. In my local Mustang club, which is fairly large, I dyno second-highest 5.0 N/A numbers for a daily driver, and I'm at 268 rwhp untuned with an AOD. Highest guy is about 280 rwhp IIRC, with a 5-speed. 270-280 seems to be the benchmark.

    I don't quite net those numbers as I'm running a high rpm combo, with heavy cast pistons (NO theyre not forged....long budget story) and stock c/r.
  13. Might have what you want?

    I have a combination I am taking off my car to upgrade to a more strip only set-up that you may be interested in? I have injectors, TB, MAF, AFR 165's, Edelbrock upper and lower, and a Comp. Hyd. Roller that I will sell CHEAP! It was all new mid summer and has less than 3,000 miles. This set-up made 310 RWH on the first run! Let me know if interested! I'm very picky about my car and everything is in perfect condition!
  14. Very Interesed!!!!

    Gakman... I'm extremely intersted in your set-up. Let me know the $$$ you're thinking. What cam are you using. I'm hoping to build a similar combo using the Comp Cams XE-270 hyd roller. I can send check, mo, or paypal. Lets talk. email please!!! :D :D
  15. $$$


    I have the Comp Cams XE-270 hyd roller cam. I bought the lifters and springs to match when I put the motor together. The matching springs are on the heads now and I have the ones that came on the heads from AFR as well... I'll throw them in. I have $1700 into the heads with shipping. I sent them back to AFR after I bought them. I was contemplating running a single turbo set-up down the road so I had AFR CNC machine my combustion chambers out to 68.5cc. This put my static compression ratio at 8.85:1 with my pistons. I'd like to keep the rocker arms and push rods for my new combo, just so you understand what you'd be getting. As far as a price goes I'd like to get $1800 for all of it. However, I'm hard up to finish my new motor and need some extra Xmas $$$. I'll take $1600 for the whole mess if there gone in the next week or so. Just an FYI ... I have had several responses from the forum and other posting I've placed on the net. First come, first served... I'm sure you understand.
  16. Unported E7s here with 1.84/1.54 valves and a valve job. Stock bottem end thats been honed and reringed, Stock cam, Cobra Intake, 65mm TB, 75mm MAF, Mac CAI, stock injectors, 1.7 rockers, Mac LTs, Prochamber and catback, pulleys, AFPR...


    This is with a stock computer, no chip, 18 degrees of timing, and 40 psi of fuel. On a bone stock 100K mile short block it made...


    I think 300 would be tough, but with well done E7s, and a stock cam 280-295 could be attainable!
  17. haha stroke it? 331 or 347...that'll get you closer, electric fan, 180 * thermostat, advance your timing, roller rockers, upper/lower intake
  18. In one of the recent mustang mags there was a car running 300hp. He was using a dimensionally stock 302 w/ E7 heads, stock cam profile and a cobra intake.
    All motor.
  19. 300 rwhp? Thats very similar to my set up but probably has a lot more thought and detail into it.

  20. yeah from what I remember reading it was 300rwhp and over 300rwtq.

    But yeah Im sure that the heads and intake were ported to the max. And Im sure he was running higher compression and turning alot of revs