300 RWHP with stock heads and cam

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  1. Not bad, I have known of some E7 cars with stock cams making over 300 rwhp, but these were expensive heads. One friend had a set of Kuntz prepped E7s and I heard rumors of 310+ rwhp, with a stock cam, and explorer intake. Another friend went low 11s on an all motor E7 combo!
  2. my car cranked out 280hp 316 tq with a 306 tfs tw heads e cam and a stock cobra intake. stock cam heads 300 is a long shot unless you spend tons of cash. imho i would just buy good heads cam and intake and crack 300 that way
  3. I think a lot of the 300+ rwhp on stock or near/stock equipment is one of those 'factory freak' deals....some cars will make the power, some won't. There seem to be far more guys making 280 or so, than guys making over 300.
  4. At that level of modifications its no longer factory freak, as you wont have anymore factory parts. The only stock stuff left to make 300 to the tire would be the bottem end, and how much tolerance can there be there, maybe 5hp? I have seen low 11s on E7s before, but definately not on stock bottem ends, and definately not on daily driven cars!
  5. But I've also seen silly power numbers on stock bottom-ended cars that had no business making those kind of dyno numbers.

    I suppose by "factory freaks"...I should rephrase.....into well-tuned cars on exaggerating dynos....I wouldnt be surprised if the dyno operator had it set on net instead of SAE or something for those 300 rwhp pulls...

    The local H/C/I 302 guys around here CONSISTENTLY make in the 280's...different cars, similar combo's, different parts...all seem to net roughly the same. Don't know where these magic 300's with stock heads etc are coming from, but sure as hell not around here.
  6. I can definately see it, and I personally know my dyno operator (very good friend) and can garentee he doesnt do anything to inflate the numbers. He knows exactly what I use my dyno numbers for, and knows I wouldnt benefit from inflated stuff. I have seen a lot of HCI cars run 280 rwhp also, but know a few guys whe did alot on E7s. Id love to take these heads to the limit on a street car (my guess into the 11s, and 300+ rwhp without worry) but not sure if thats going to happen!

    E7s suck compared to aftermarket stuff, but you can make power and run good times with stock junk.
  7. Oh and for some reference, heres what my dyno sheet looks like (272/316), as well as a few shots of the heads while they were off for a headgasket change!


    Unported Intake ports!


    GT40 Valves!


    And the exhaust ports, complete with thermactor bump!

  8. Curious, what other stuff you have, any tricks with the clearances in the bottom end? Although you did post your before and after rebuild numbers. Heads and block milled/decked pretty good? AC or powersteering still being spun? Cam advanced any?

    I can see a bolton 5.0 car making 250 or so, my 88 GT did 240 rwhp with crappy 93 Cobra Cam, 1.7 RR's, Exploder Intake, shortys, E Fan, WHO KNOWS HOW many miles on the plugs and such, no ud pulleys.

    So that means you are making a good 15-20 rwhp or more based off your heads, well 10-15 or so going by your pre rebuild numbers in comparison to a stock shortblock compared to what I think a bolton car can do. 10-15 rwhp, even 20 is possible with a valve job, circle track guys go all out on this type of stuff. Throw in your bigger valves and there you go I guess.
  9. Nice torque and power curve for your parts..........
  10. No real tricks, hone and rering on the bottem end, block wasnt touched, heads had what was said, stock cam, unported Cobra, really basic parts. 18 degrees of timing, 40 psi of fuel, stock comp, no chip, 19lb injectors...

    On a bone stock 100K mile shortblock it put down 265/308, so there was a little on the hone and rering (its loose). It actually ran its best Slick pass on this motor, and best street tire run on the other SB. Its a very basic, cheap set up really, gets good gas mileage, and makes for a fun street car!
  11. It needs a 200 shot :jester:
  12. :Word:
  13. Hmm, if someone had one for free, Id slap it on and run it. Probably kill the rear, tranny, and bottem end in one track pass, but if not it would be a hell of a time!
  14. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
    25th mustang
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    (now if I could only get my car to get close to those numbers)
  15. 5.0's eat 200 shots like candy, as long as the block doesnt split. :) I have a nitrous kit I can sell you but it wont spray a 200 with the nozzel it has, switch to a Shark and it's possible. :D
  16. See thats the gimmik... sell!

    LOL, I might actually be boosting the car in the next year. 12 psi Vortech from a friend, that might wake theis turd up a little! :D

    modusmortis, the nice thing about my combo is it is easily duplicated. Spend the right money and it can be done!
  17. Do not wast time on N/A

    Do not wast time like I did get a turbo a friend is making 600hp for what I have in my engine. Building N/A is a wast of time.
  18. It depends on what you want... some people would rather have a 10 second NA car than a 10 second turbo car! Ill be going SC only if I get the S trim for free!
  19. This month in 5.0&SF they got 320 whp with a bolt on combo. And it was only at 5400 RPM which is really good. My setup is almost the same except I ported the heads and intake whereas they pretty much bolted it all together. Going from what they've got, I'm gonna upgrade the springs in my heads and get a Victor 5.0 for more topend, before the track opens in spring.
  20. I dynoed 304rwhp/324rwtq with ported E7's, an e-cam and an edelbrock performer rpm manifold and no crazy tricks (smog pump bypassed).